Phonics and my almost five year old.

We have been sloooooooowly working with the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons workbook……and he does not like it. He stomachs it, I think, because I’ve told him this is how he will be able to read books by himself, something he really wants to do.

I decided we might as well try something else because we can =) and I want him to LOVE learning, not just get stuck doing it as a means to an end.

I’ve been reading reviews and doing my own research for a couple weeks now. I think we’re going with Explode the Code. It seems fun and engaging. I think he’ll enjoy it. We will start with the first set Ready, Set, Go to see how he does there, although I think he may be passed at least the first book already.

I found a used TM online for only $4 and I’m price shopping the set right now. I haven’t checked out our local Christian book store that carries homeschool supplies yet, but it looks like Ebay is the best way to go so far.

We will continue with 100 Lessons until we get the ETC books…hopefully soon!!

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