Week in Review.

We have some catching up to do….and didn’t get much of it done this week. lol

I went to a mom’s night out with a local homeschool group for the first time. It was AWESOME! I really look forward to doing more with this group.
Nathan-mostly book work. He is the one behind. We WILL get caught back up this next week.
Kaleb-We stopped using 100 Lessons book because it just frustrates him. Waiting on Explode the code books to get here. In the meantime, we’re using phonics flashcards. Did some drawing and painting. Lots of outdoor time…even in the frigid temps!
Gabriel-drawing and painting. Lots of outdoor time.

Story time at the library…a favorite of all three older boys. I love it as well. All three older boys hang out in the children’s room while Drake and I browse books. I get a chance to pick out my own books as well as the history books I want Nathan to read. Then all three get to pick one book of their choice. The remainder of our day is usually spent reading those books!
Nathan-again mostly book work as we strive to get back to our schedule. He *discovered* Hardy Boys books…I’ve tried and tried to get him to read these books, but he has always shown a disinterest. I haven’t pushed because his other book choices are awesome. Finally he did start reading the 3 books in one book I purchased for him a couple of years ago. Now he wants MORE! =)
Kaleb-More phonics flash cards. He has trouble with b’s, d’s, and p’s so we worked on that a bit.
Gabriel-play, play, play little man!

Started off innocent enough. Later in the day Gabriel fell off the swing and broke his arm. Our afternoon/evening was spent in the ER.
Nathan-didn’t get as much done as planned due to the accident.
Kaleb-working those phonics cards, read books, and played outside.
Gabriel-read books and played outside until the accident.

Was a struggle. ER doctor called to confirm the break..she was having a hard time seeing it so she left the decision up to the radiologist. Scheduled an appointment for casting. Needless to say, the majority of my day was spent holding a little boy who was in a lot of pain (even with the Tylenol 3).
Nathan-very little workbook. Math test.
Kaleb-pretty much played by himself until his little friend got home from school. Then he played outside with him.

Same as Thursday. I had Gabriel in my lap most of the morning and then had his arm casted early afternoon.
Nathan-did some reading from his history books and started his math, but didn’t finish.
Kaleb-played by himself for most of the morning.

Hopefully we will get back on schedule this next week and actually get caught up! Nathan’s birthday is Wednesday. I told him we would take part of the day off….he just has too much to do. Monday afternoon we will be going to an indoor picnic with the local homeschool group we just joined….we’re excited for that!!

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