Breakfast board!!!

I LOVE this idea!!!! (Thank you, blog mama!!)

I haven’t finished the 100 chart on the bottom left side or the weather part on the bottom right side. Also in that black spot on the bottom middle, I’m going to add some shapes for Gabriel.

That little skinny area on the right is for birthdays. I covered that area in contact paper so we can use dry erase markers. The dates are little post its.

The bagged cards in the middle are add/subtract fact cards. I velcro’ed the bags to the board. Actually I velcro’ed everything except the yellow straw holder in the middle and the calendar. That way I can change out anything that gets messed up. I also velcro-ed the clock to the page protector in case I decide to use it later in the day. The yellow weather chart below will eventually say at the top “Today’s weather is…” with a box for them to stick a laminated picture of whatever the day’s weather is. Then the month box will show the month’s weather as we go so we can see how things progress.

The bag of cards here are phonics cards. The 100 chart at the bottom isn’t finished yet either.

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