I’m looking for some fun *back to school* ideas. I’d like to make it very special and exciting, especially since Kaleb will be starting kindergarten and Nathan will be in 6th grade which would have been his first year of middle school if he were in ps.
We haven’t completely stopped schooling. Nathan and Kaleb both are still working on math, and Kaleb is doing a little phonics still…mostly fun stuff. Nathan really struggled this year with math so I don’t want to lose our progress by taking a bunch of time off. Also thanks to the library’s storytime summer reading challenge, they’ll get plenty of reading time in. Everything else will start again in August.
So fun, fun, fun back to school ideas to really get them excited about school starting again…….care to share some?
I read a few articles and blogs to get some ideas. Here are some things I found:
to create excitement for the new school year-do things like ps families do….ps kids shop for school clothes so take kids out to pick out an outfit or two for hs group field trips. ps kids shop for supplies, backpack, and lunch box….let the kids pick out their own school supplies (I’m going to have the boys pick a color and that will be their color for the year to help keep stuff more organized ). Backpacks for schooling on the road…when we travel with Daddy. Lunch boxes for hs group picnics and field trips.
build excitement by letting them see you bring in bags of *school stuff* that the kids don’t get to see until the first day. I’m getting each boy their own special notebook for journaling, some personalized school supplies (if I can find a place to order for Kaleb), and some other first day of school surprises.
let them *catch* you working on surprise school stuff. I’m going to start on their mini offices this month some time.
let them help decorate the school room/area/space. We’re actually working on that now, turning the playroom into a half school room/half play room as well as purging a TON of toys that they don’t play with anymore. I have posters and stuff for the wall. We’ll do a small bulletin board. We already have their artwork spread all over the house…a bunch on the walls of the playroom. I’m going to pick up some more cute school room stuff when Mardel’s has their back to school sale.
Still reading to find other fun ideas. Comment if you have any ideas to share!!

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  1. I love your ideas! My friend has a giant chalkboard in her house. She writes “First Day of (grade)” and takes her child's picture in front of it on the first day of school.


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