I have finally made our curriculum choices!

I am really excited about the MEP math. I know Kaleb will love it!! We did a couple lessons already to see what he thought. I really think it will help Nathan with his math issues too…it is more hands-on.

I am MOST excited about our history!!! I have started working on getting it all planned out. Soon I will have everything printed and put in their binders.

After reading Preschoolers and Peace, I’ve decided to make binders for each child in each subject. Then use dividers to separate each week’s work. All we will have to do is pull the appropriate binder for each child and get to work! No running for copies or having to stop to organize. I am working hard this summer to make sure everything is planned and ready to go by August 3rd.

Still working on some fun *back to school* ideas. So far I have decided to get each of the three olders their own 2x3ft bulletin board to hang above their own workspace. We’ll take a trip to Mardels so they can pick out their own border and decorations for the boards. They’ll be able to put whatever they want on their boards. We’ll use them to show off prized works of art, special school pages, and anything else they want to put on their boards. I’ll also use the boards to leave little encouraging notes for each child…I’m really looking forward to *surprising* them with little notes throughout the school year. I am also going to put together little baskets of fun school goodies for each child to have sitting at their workspaces for the first day. I think we’ll have a very light day, a lunch treat, and some fun park playtime. Also I read about a fun idea of having them fill out a questionnaire of sorts…questions about all their favorites, their expectations, what they are most excited about in the new school year, and other fun stuff. Won’t that be so cool to look back on years down the road?

I have a lot to do before August!! I am just so excited for this new school year!

One thought on “FINALLY!

  1. I have been planning, it seems like, 24 hours a day for school next year. I told my husband I felt like I wouldn't be ready. He doesn't get it. He doesn't understand why I am planning now for something that is happening in August!

    We are doing MEP, too. Have you seen this article on MEP? It is by A Peaceful Day blog.

    I like the binder idea and the questionnaire, too. I am searching for some new Back to School traditions and I think that the questionnaire would be fun!


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