Getting ready for the first day of SCHOOL!!

Our first day of school is August 3rd! I have been working on getting our schedule completely and printed, organizing and decorating the school/play room (one half of the room is for school and the other is for play), and putting together little gift *baskets* of goodies for each boy.

Here is a look at some progress in our school/playroom: I decided to do individual bulletin boards for each boy so they will have their own personal space to show off their own achievements and such. I still have to make the names for each board. The camo board is Kaleb’s, the space board is Nathan’s, and the animal print board is Gabriel. I let each of them pick out their own border/theme on our last trip to Mardels. You can see part of the ABC border and just a bit of the sun poster on the ceiling. Since we’re studying astronomy this year, I thought we’d do our own solar system on the ceiling. I put the sun poster up already so it wouldn’t get torn up by the littles. It shows the different layers of the sun and has a little solar system on the bottom part of the poster. I’m going to have the boys draw and color the planets (along with the moon, astroids, coments, etc) to be added to the ceiling as we study them. Kaleb and Nathan’s board are above the table and their workbox grids are in between the boards.

Right now we live in a rent house so we can’t do anything with the walls. I seriously do not like paneling so my plan is to cover as much as I can with posters and other school related things. =)

Our school sign that will go above Nathan and Kaleb’s workbox grids after I cut out and laminate it.

One thought on “Getting ready for the first day of SCHOOL!!

  1. i LOVE that you put posters on the ceiling – what a good idea!!! if we werent schooling in the kitchen – i would be right on that!!!! i also love your sign – i might have to copy that idea and make one for us!!!


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