Living Math

I am thinking maybe some living math supplements will help with Nathan’s trouble areas in math. This website has a lot of good suggestions that I think will go along nicely with our workbox system. I plan to find some good resources for the littles on this website too.

This is just a list of books suggested on the website that our local library has available. There are many, many more on the website. I’m not sure what the age level is for most of these. I’ll have to check them out to see. I’ll blog on each as we come to them.

Animal Math
Bar Graphs
Beanstalk: The Measure of a Giant
Planet Dexter’s Calculator Mania
Can You Eat a Fraction?
The Great Pyramid of Giza: Measuring Length, Volume, Area and Angles
Construction Math
Family Math
The Grapes of Math
Kitchen Math
Map Math
Math Appeal
Math Doesn’t Suck
Medical Math
Money Math
Music Math
Pie Graphs
Space Math
Sports Math
Tally Charts
Travel Math
Weather Math

This is just the short list. I don’t have time to list them all right now. More added later.

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