Week 1 Report

Much of our first week of school consisted of this:

We went to where Daddy is working and stayed the week with him. The hotel has an indoor pool and we were only four or five rooms down from it. The older three and I swam at least once a day, if not twice. They LOVED it! We love being able to travel with Daddy sometimes.

Drake had fun taking his turn on the “spinny chair”…Nathan spent a lot of time spinning each younger brother in this chair. Such a good, fun brother!!

We didn’t do science or history while we were out of town. We just did LA and math, and will start everything else next week.


R&S English-We have discovered that Nathan is really going to need a lot of attention with grammar. I didn’t realize he didn’t even understand the two main parts of a sentence!! What did they teach him in public school???? NOT grammar, for sure.
He completed lessons 1-2 plus worksheets this week. He also started a grammar rules notebook where he will copy each rule as we come to it.

Saxon Math-A lot of this is review for him so he is doing two to three lessons a day until he hits something he doesn’t understand.
He completed lessons 1-11

Nathan working on his grammar.

Cutie cute pic of Draker trying on his big brother’s swim goggles.


ETC-He LOVES doing ETC!! lol He happily completed pages 1-5 this week.

OPGTR-He also really likes this and I am SO happy! I like it too. We skipped the first lessons on letters since he knows the letters well already. He also can read cvc words but it’s pretty slow going.
He completely lessons 27-33 this week.

Here is a pic of Kaleb showing off his LOTW/ABC, I Believe bible lesson tactile letter.

Gabriel showing off his tactile letter.

Gabriel and Kaleb working on their tactile letter A. They loved cutting pictures of animals out of old magazines. Gabriel was especially happy to use his scissors and glue! =)

Kaleb working on his journal and Gabriel working on his shapes page.

Reading time. We didn’t get enough reading time in due to the indoor pool calling to us. =)

Both Nathan and Kaleb started their journal writing this week, as well as handwriting. Their handwriting pages are just various pages I found online. Kaleb gets plenty of writing practice with ETC so his are usually just letter writing practice and copying bible verses. Nathan’s handwriting pages are various cursive writing pages. He needs quite a bit of practice with his cursive. He knows how to write in cursive, but it is very messy. We’re working on cleaning it up a bit.

That is our first week! We left this morning after breakfast and arrived home a few hours later. Looking forward to next week with a little more structure!

12 thoughts on “Week 1 Report

  1. Looks like you had fun with your first week. Love the letter pages. Seeing the swimming photos, remind I have to call can schedule our lessons for Sept., thank you I have forgotten!


  2. good for you guys for getting anything done! I probably would have caved and said forget school lol. Man I had to have a second look at Kaleb and Gabriel with their letter papers. I thought at first you were showing the same boy LOL they look a lot alike!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I just love fun school days like that! So do my boys. We are looking for a time when my husband is away and we can all join him. πŸ™‚

    It looks like you had a great balance between school and play!


  4. That looks like so much fun! My dh doesn't go out of town often and we've never been able to join him when he has gone. I always thought it sounded like it would be so much fun to be able to go with him. I doubt we'd have gotten much reading (or anything else!) done with an indoor pool calling us either. πŸ˜‰


  5. What a fun week! Nothing like school on the road.

    We're heading to NC for a family visit and we're taking school with us. Everyone sleeps in but us so we might as well make good use of the time.


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