Happy Back To Public School Day!!!

Today was the first day of public school so we celebrated by NOT having school today!!!

Nathan still wants to go back to public school (for all the wrong reasons though) so I thought we’d have a celebration day just to remind him that we are free to do fun, spontaneous things…any day we want.

We stayed up late last night. The boys were actually watching a show on sharks and it was going to end late anyway. I put Drake to bed at his bedtime so the older boys and I could really enjoy our lat night. (Drake is NOT a night owl!!) Gabriel and Kaleb fell alseep on the couch, and Nathan was ready for bed by midnight.

I let them sleep in this morning and wake up on their own time. They played outside for a while this morning, and then we left to go eat pizza at our favorite pizza place

After that we headed to a pool party with our homeschool group.

I didn’t tell the boys of our plans until this morning. Nathan thought it is very cool that he got to play today while all his neighbor friends and his cousins were sitting in school. Kaleb ran up and hugged me…and said thank you about a million times!

…..so I guess my plan WORKED!!

They had a blast at the pool party and met some new friends. This is our first year to really participate with the group. We are all signed up for co-op classes, and I volunteered as the co-op nursery director. Even Gabriel has three classes this time!

Classes start Sept 11th and are three hours long on Friday afternoons. I love that we don’t have to re-arrange our schedule for co-op this year!! We generally don’t do much on Friday afternoons as it is.

First hour classes:
Nathan-CSI class. LOVE this!! It’s a book that is Christian-based so I know the gore will be kept to a minimum.
Kaleb-art class
Gabriel-Frog Street Press math class

2nd hour classes:
Nathan-backgammon (he is sooo excited for this!!)
Kaleb-games (mostly a time for K-3 to socialize with fun board games)
Gabriel-naps/snacktime (for those who don’t nap , they will play outside on the church playground. On bad weather days, they will have fun games and storytime.)

3rd hour classes:
Nathan-recycle art
Kaleb-fun history class
Gabriel-Frog Street Press reading class

I will be in the nursery most times with Drake. I’ll have helpers so I’m hoping to be able to check out each of the boys’ classes each Friday. I hope to help with Kaleb’s game hour and especially excited to check out Nathan’s CSI class. I’m interested to see how well Gabriel does in his classes. I know the outside play and storytime will be a piece of cake for him. Can’t wait to see how the other two classes go.

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