Preschool Corner–Week 3

Gabriel 3 yrs, 3 months old

We had a lot of unstructured fun this week. Since the first day of public school was Wednesday, we made that a FUN day. You can read about it HERE.

This is a new activity that I made for Gabriel. I found the idea on another homeschool mom blog but I don’t remember to give credit! Just a fun little color matching game. I painted 10 little circles made out of paper plates and five matching color clothespins. I just used the paint colors I had on hand for this. He enjoys playing with the set. We also use the clothespins for a color pattern game. I put down green, red, green, red, and green; then ask him what the next color is in the sequence. We have only been working on ABABAB series because it took him a bit to figure it out. Next week we’ll work on AABBAABB and maybe add a third color to the pattern.

This my child who can JUMP UP and fall down into the SPLITS!! lol He is so funny when he does this. I am looking into a preschool tumbling/gymnastics class for him.
A fun pattern game that I printed from the MEP yahoo group files sections. I give him a pattern to copy by color. (the little white paper is his pattern to copy) We get to talk about colors, shapes, and following directions!
Our letter of the week was Cc. Both Kaleb and Gabriel made their tactile letter with cotton…and I just now realized I failed to get a picture. We read several books on cats. Our bible lesson was on Daniel in the lion’s den. We read the book, story in the bible, and then an different version story online about a scaredy cat. All three older boys made lions with yarn tails which I failed to photograph as well. I will just tack on those pics next week.

Our memory verse for the week: Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God. Isaiah 41:10a.

He spent quite a bit of this week of his week playing with Catalpa worms and his brothers. The pictures of the worms (that are from the caterpillar family) are on my weekly report for the olders.

He keeps asking for “pages to do for school” like his older brothers so I have some preschool workbooks that we’ll add in next week. He already started a sticker math book this week but I didn’t get a picture of it.

Another great week down! I can’t believe we’re starting week 4 on Monday! We’ll be out of town with Daddy so a lot of fun pictures to come from that week! We have trip to the zoo and science center planned.

4 thoughts on “Preschool Corner–Week 3

  1. We love doing patterns in our house too! 🙂 Hopefully this year we'll get our littlest one in on the action too.

    The paint plates are a great {and cheap!!} way to do the color matching!



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