Week 3–August 17-21

Cleaned and organized our homeschool room. This pic is our our main storage. Look how neat and organized….with room to spare!! Can’t see the bottom shelf…but it’s BARE!! lol

The boys have been playing with these guys lately. It does freak me out a bit but boys will be boys…. Catawba worms aka Catalpa worms aka prized fish bait. My boys don’t want to fish with them. They want to make them pets!!

Working on a base 10 game. (The math is book is NOT his btw! It belongs to his brother.)
I have been working on putting together some storage boxes for each of the younger three with fun activities that they can choose throughout the day. I have a little slip of paper that says “FUN BOX ACTIVITY” that I will put in a workbox file or two each day. All of the games/activities are educational and most free printables I found online. The top box is for Drake, middle for Gabriel, and the bottom box for Kaleb. I have discovered that I will be quickly upgrading the shoe boxes for bigger boxes soon.

I originally thought to list each week what went into their workboxes, but so much of it is the same anyway. =) No reason to repeat that over and over. Instead we’ll just have a lot of pictures and a list of accomplishments. Really everyone mostly likes looking at the pictures anyway, right?

We took Wednesday off to have a fun day since all the public school kids were back in school. The boys enjoyed it. Between the fun day and the storms all day Wednesday, we were a little lazy and out of the groove. Still accomplished some schoolwork, but not what I expected. I let Kaleb play fun math and phonics games most of the day instead of doing some of his math and phonics lessons. Still learning, though!!

What did we accomplish??

R&S English lessons 5-7 plus worksheets
Saxon math lessons 14-17
MEP math lessons 1-2

OPGTR lessons 36-38 (we had to break up some of the bigger lessons into 2 days)
ETC lessons-taking a small break as we make some “books” using the sentences in th OPG books. I’ll share those next week.
MEP math lessons 6-9
Saxon math-we’re just doing some fun hands-on activities from the book now. Nothing formal…just fun.
ABC bible lessons-letter Cc

MOH-finished week 2, started week 3.
Apologia finished lesson 2
Memory verse-Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed, for I am thy God. Isaiah 41:10a

Yesterday we took it easy. Nathan and I worked on his writing assignment from R&S English. He is really needing some hand-holding in this area. I may need to look for a very simple writing program to go along with the English assignments. I can’t believe how little (if any really) writing instruction was given to him in public school. Kaleb spent the day playing some math and phonics games, and working on his handwriting with fun activity.

Last night Kaleb and I had this conversation:

Last night–Kaleb “MOM! We did do any schoolwork today!” Yes we did. You did two math games, a phonics game, and a handwriting activity. “That’s not real schoolwork! Please can we do REAL schoolwork tomorrow?” Yes, Kaleb. “Promise?” Promise.

We will be out of town with Daddy again next week. Should be interesting!! We have plans to visit the zoo and the science center.

5 thoughts on “Week 3–August 17-21

  1. What a fun week. We are having our “Not Back to School” day this next week!

    It is great that you make it so fun that they don't realize they are learning.


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