Week 4— August 24-28th

I can’t believe it’s been four weeks!! We have done pretty well with staying on track, only getting behind schedule a couple times but easily catching up.

Nathan is adjusting well with his work load. I think it helps that the public school kids are now in school too so he isn’t rushing to finish. His goal is to be finished completely by 3:30 pm…when the school bus stops at our street to drop off his friends.

Kaleb is doing GREAT! He is truly an excited little student! We struggle sometimes with the “I’m bored” attitude, especially when it comes to phonics. However overall he loves learning and often will ask when he can do more school work.

Gabriel is sponging as much as he can! I think he can tell you just as much about the ancients as my older two. I wonder what will be left to teach him when he reaches kindergarten! He loves his own little preschool lessons and continuously asks to *do school like Nathan and Kaleb*. I have added some fun workbooks to his schedule and that seems to be helping his need to be like his older brothers.

Drake is doing well in Tot school. I haven’t had a whole bunch of time to work specifically with him, but he enjoys the time we do manage together. His favorite time, I think, is when I read books to all of them. As soon as he seems me pull books from the bookshelf or library boxes, he runs to the couch and then climbs in my lap. He starts pointing at pictures before I can even start reading.

We were suppose to go out of town with Daddy this week, but that was pushed back until next week. He needed to take one of his guys with him but didn’t want to pay for another hotel room. We’ll join him next week. That gives me a little more time to plan a few more fun things for them anyway. Besides we have had a busy week here at home.

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