September Book Bag 2009

K and G are going to LOVE this month’s book bag!! I have never purchased one of these before but was really impressed with the amount of activities and such included in this one.

We will learn about our neighborhood this month! We will explore our home, the fire station, police station, and post office! My boys LOVE firefighters and police officers so I know they will enjoy themselves. We are taking a field trip with our homeschool group to the fire station later in the month and we will check out the police station and post office ourselves.

I have the notebook with the file folder map pieces printed and ready to go! I will post pictures of our adventures here this month as we work our way around the map.

This week is an overview of our neighborhood. Our activities will include a daily walk in different directions and a map drawing of our own neighborhood with stars on the boys’ friends houses and a heart on our house.

Some of our library selections are:

Are You My Neighbor? Veggie Tales dvd–a lesson on loving thy neighbor.
Franklin’s Neighborhood
Pooh’s Neighborhood
Biscuit Meets the Neighbors
This is My Town
New Neighbors for Nora
Loudmouth George and the New Neighbors
Good Neighbors

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