First co-op class of the year–Friday!!

The boys had a BLAST at co-op on Friday!!

Nathan loved his CSI class. They tested margarine to see how much fat was in different brands. His teacher said he did great and was a terrific leader in his group.

His second class is backgammon. He enjoyed learning how to play and looks forward to the competition later in the month.

He switched his third class. Originally he was signed up for recycle art and was excited about it. However he found out one of his friends mom is teaching a rocket science class. We didn’t see it on the list when we registered for some reason. He asked the art teacher and his friend’s mom if he could switch, and both agreed. He LOVED that class and is very excited for next Friday!!

Kaleb’s first class is art. He had a lot of fun! They did an art project and went outside to draw on the sidewalk with chalk.

His second hour class is a game/fun class. He wasn’t really impressed with it. I think mostly because he didn’t understand the game they played. Each Friday will have a different game so I told him to just stick with it and see how he feels about it after another week.

I think his third hour class is his favorite. He is taking a pilgrim history class. He has such a blast and his teacher told me that she absolutely LOVES him!! She said he kept the conversation going througout the hour. The first thing he told me was “did you know I was BORN five years ago??? My own history started when I was BORN!”

I’m not sure how Gabriel is doing in his classes. I didn’t get a chance to talk to his teacher about him. He has a Frogstreet reading class, a playground/snack hour, and Frogstreet math class. He said he enjoyed all three classes and can’t wait to go back next week.

I am the nursery director for our group. I stayed in the nursery with Drake, a 2 yr old boy, and a 4 month old baby girl. I have a helper during 1st and 2nd hour so we mostly chatted while Drake and the other boy played. We took turns holding the baby girl!! She is so precious! The room is FULL of toys for the boys to play with and they had a blast exploring the room. I was a little bored during the third hour. lol Both boys started getting tired and sat quietly playing by themselves for the most part. I may take a book to read next Friday.

It was a GREAT first co-op day! We all look forward to next Friday!!

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