Week 7–Sept 21-25

I just realized that I failed again to take science project pictures and I didn’t take even ONE of Nathan (who usually works alone in the schoolroom or his bedroom.

Gabriel and Drake’s preschool post can be found HERE.

Kaleb is LOVING Saxon math!! I enjoy it too. …and this page is upside down. Sorry!

Working hard on those numbers!

Kaleb elephant art project from last week. Gabriel’s is HERE.
This is from our Neighborhood book bag ebook. Again, Gabriel’s page is HERE.
Please disregard the laundry on behind the boys!

Between the field trip, soccer practices, and co-op, we had a very busy week! It was a fun one though.

I spent many hours this summer working on our weekly lesson plans. I did detailed plans for the first six weeks and then more general plans for the rest of the year. Today I checked our progress against the weekly lesson plans, and we’re doing pretty good! We’re only a week behind in science. This week was scheduled as a catch up week for science so we will be back on track by next. Nathan is way behind in English but I didn’t anticipate the need to go as slowly as we are. He isn’t too far behind on math, and will still finish 6/5 early enough to get a good amount of 7/6 finished before next summer. We are on track with ETC and history. I didn’t purchase OPG until after I did the schedule so I don’t have it on my lesson plans. We are behind on our ABC I Believe lessons, but that is no big deal. There are only 26 letters in the alphabet and I planned for a 36 week school year. We have plenty of time. I think we have done great considering the two out of town trips we took since school started!!

The highlight of the day was the fire station field trip. The boys loved it and learned a lot! Gabriel has decided he does NOT want to be a fireman because of all the *loud sounds*!! Kaleb said the hours are too long for him. lol Really he did. Nathan was a little bored since he *had already seen a fire station in cub scouts.* You can read more about that *here*.

We managed to get quite a lot of work done before and after the field trip.

…..was a lazy day. I had a HUGE headache that lasted ALL DAY and we had library story time so we did just the basics. For Kaleb, that only meant less than an hour and actually I had Nathan help Kaleb with ETC so I could put Drake down for a nap. Nathan is quite the teacher!! Nathan had soccer practice so that ate up the majority of our evening.

We worked HARD to make up for our lazy day. Nathan and Kaleb did a good job of working hard for me so we could still have our evening free.

Another good day but more relaxed than Wednesday. We accomplished everything but history. Drake woke up early from his nap so we had to stop. Kaleb finished his math that evening so Daddy could see how well he is doing.

We took the day off since I had many errands to run, we had lunch with Daddy, co-op after lunch, and soccer practice after co-op.

Nathan completed:
*Saxon math-He did four lessons, but I can’t remember the lesson numbers. I am really proud at how well he is doing this year in math!! A huge improvement over last year! Saxon agrees with us!!
*R&S English lessons 16-18
*R&S spelling-lesson 5.
*WW-lesson 5

Nathan’s scheduled reading book for the week is Robinson Crusoe.

Kaleb completed:
*Saxon math- lessons 1-5 Kaleb LOVES his math!! I am SO glad because I really like the idea of Saxon math.
*ETC-many, many pages! If he keeps up at this rate, he’ll be in book 2 before Christmas!
*OPG- we have continued to read the little stories in the lessons we have covered already. We also have been working hard with flash cards and file folder games. It amazes me how well he is progressing!! He is doing so well and we will start back with lessons in OPG next week!!

*Astronomy-We started Ch 4 Earth this week. We will finish up with the activities next Monday since we missed today. I was kind of disappointed in the content of this chapter considering we live on this planet. I expected it to be a little more involved. It looks like we will finish the book a lot earlier than our other subjects so I think we’ll do a study on Earth after that and then continue on in the series.
*History-We studied one of my favorite bible stories–Joseph. I found some videos on youtube.com to go with our lessons this week. Both Nathan and Kaleb seem to retain more if they watch a video on our lessons. I can usually find something for each lesson fairly easily.

Circle time:
*Neighborhood book bag-this is going well! It has been fun and of course with this week’s field trip, it has been even more fun!! Kaleb and Gabriel have really enjoyed the activities and all the library books on each week’s topic. Next week is all about our home.
*ABC I Believe lessons-Letter Ff. Memory verse–2 Cor 3:18 And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him and reflect his glory even more. All about Flamingos this week. However, our library doesn’t have ONE book even on flamingos so we watched a couple Discovery videos on You Tube. How CONVENIENT and COOL that we are learning all about the Fire Station this week too!!

This is still a favorite part of our week! The boys are still enjoying their classes, and I love being the nursery director. I am still shocked at how much Nathan loves Backgammon. Kaleb is loved his art class. They used cars to *drive through* p

Good fun week!!! I like those!

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