Weeks 9 to 11 update.

I am a little behind in blogging!!

We have been so busy with soccer x 2, golf x 2, co-op classes x 3, and everyday stuff that I just haven’t had a lot of time to myself. One more week of co-op, two more weeks of soccer, and four more weeks of golf. We are ready for a break!

We have been doing pretty well with keeping up with schoolwork, mostly just the basics. We are a little behind in history and science, of course. Those two always seem to fall to the side. Once co-op and soccer are over, we will have a lot more time to devote to these two subjects.

Here are the highlights:

First of all, our family received TWO blessings!! Jackson and Lauren arrived on October 13th! Healthy, happy, and a great size for twins! Jackson weighed 6lb 2oz, and Lauren weighed 5lb 14oz. These two sweet and beautiful babies belong to my oldest stepson.

Here is a picture of dh holding the newest grandbabies!! This makes THREE total!!

We have managed to do a couple craft projects these past few weeks.

These are our apple stamps that didn’t turn out so great. I just let them finger paint after that.

Kaleb is still doing very well with Saxon math!! We are still very much in love with Saxon!!

Nathan made a pop bottle rocket in his rocket co-op class. Then the whole class went to the park to set them off. Nathan said his didn’t do so well. But they had a great time! They worked on some real wooden rockets last week and then set those off today. You are also looking at the backgammon tourney champ!! He won the tournament in his age group at co-op! He is very excited and can’t wait until presentation night next Friday when he will be first to pick a backgammon set of his choice for winning!

We have LOVED all of our activities and really enjoyed ourselves. We plan to use our break time to do more art and crafts, bake a lot of Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies to share, and get caught up on history and science. I always hope to get in more activities with the little two boys. They have really not done much these past few weeks. I have some BIG plans for these guys!!

Overall I have been pleased with the work we have managed to do. The older boys are doing well and learning a lot. Nathan, especially, has been working hard on English and it is paying off nicely. Looking forward to some calmer weeks!

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