Week 19: Jan 4-8

I had a plan….*had* being the operative word.

Last week I looked over our materials to see where we ware with everything and where my master schedule says we should be.  I had everything mapped out for this next week, and planned on spending Sunday evening printing off the copies I need for the week, cleaning up the school room, and getting our work-file-boxes ready for the week.

Then Saturday night I started feeling sick, and Gabriel had a terrible cough that kept the two of us up most of the night.  By Sunday morning, my throat was sore, my head and body ached, and I had a fever.  I was SICK!  I spent the day either in bed or on the couch….horizontal all day.  Nothing was checked off my to-do-look-at-me-all-organized-and-ready-for-the-week list. 

Gabriel, thankfully, is feeling great now.  Kaleb has a little cough but seems to feel just fine.  Drake and Nathan are feeling fine.  Drake is the one who picked up this little bug last week.  Daddy feels a little achy but so far no other symptoms. 

I felt a little better by Monday but had NO energy.  We trudged through the day.  Nathan completed the majority of his work.  Kaleb and I managed a reading and math lesson.  I worked sporadically on the school room.  I put a chicken in the crock pot.  In between all of that and loads of laundry, I spent my day on the couch….horizontal.  My wonderful, caring, considerate husband finished dinner by making chicken and dumplings.

By day two–lost my voice and gained a fever back. 

Day three–a little better but couldn’t talk to anyone….thus no school.  Nathan did what he could on his own and I had Kaleb read some BOB books for me, easy ones that I knew I wouldn’t need to correct.

Day four–much better and I could talk a little.  Took the boys to meet Daddy for lunch.  It was 18* with 25-30 mph winds.  Our outing didn’t last long.

Day five–flat on my back again.  I think the outing the day before and all the housecleaning I did wore me out.

So much for our super awesome start to the second semester of school.  🙂

The daddy started getting sick Saturday and by Sunday, he was flat on his back.  Hopefully he will feel much better by Monday since he is needed back at work.

I have a really bad cough still but feel much, much better.  I have managed to get all the printing, cutting, and pasting done in preparation for this week.  We have a lot lapbooking to do in history and science along with a bowling playdate.  I have many fun things for Gabriel and Drake planned as well.  I look forward to a fun and educational time with the boys!!

Nathan did complete 6 math lessons and take a test!  He was a bit behind on our schedule so he worked extra hard to get caught up.  Since we didn’t do history or science all week and only a couple English lessons before I lost my voice, he had some extra time and put it to good use.  He also completed a week in WW and R&S spelling.  We organized his work filebox since that was a bit of a mess.  We reorganized his notebooks too.  We talked a bit about having a little more respect for his school things so they stay neat and orderly.  Hopefully that will help. 

Kaleb did some fun math worksheets from a workbook I found in the $ bin at Target.  He read a few BOB books and worked in his ETC.  He is in book 2 now and thinks he is such the big boy!!  His daddy helped him review some words from OPG from the word ring.

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