Week 25: Feb 15-19

Same song, different week.  Life is good and work is getting done!!

We have flown through this week and accomplished a lot.  The highlights of the week are tomorrow when we go to a postponed Valentine skating party with a bunch of local homeschoolers and Saturday when we go to the World of Pharaohs exhibition in Little Rock, Arkansas.  FUN!  I’ll have to share those pictures next week.

…..is still doing great in OPG.  He completed through lesson 77.  We are doing a lot of extra review of previous words, and he is doing very well.  I have him pick a few each day from the word ring to write.  However I think I’m going to add the current lesson’s words to the list too.  He needs more writing practice.

…..finished up ETC 2 and began ETC 2 1/2.  I heard from other parents about the fun extra activities in the 1/2 books so I thought we would check it out.  He doesn’t need the extra review, but he is flying so fast through the books and LOVES doing them so I don’t think it will hurt.

….continues to fly through Saxon 1.  We are doing a few extra fun math things on the side still.  He enjoys Saxon but it is not challenging at all.

….continues to do well in Saxon math.  He finished up lesson 101.  I am SO glad that he is doing so well!!
….working through MM Fractions and doing well there also.
….has come to a point in English that is pretty easy–pronouns.  He finished through lesson 55 plus lessons 61-64.  We do English four days a week.  However two of those days we do two lessons a day.  One lesson in the current chapter and one in the next chapter.  He asked to do this so he can finish early and as long as he is doing so well, I’ll continue to let him.  He also likes to have some variety in his lessons so doing weeks of one part of speech is kind of boring (for me too).  When he comes to a writing assignment, he only does that lesson since writing isn’t so easy for him.
….trudging along in WW.  We are dropping WW next year.  I’m tempted to just drop now.  We’ll see.  I can easily pull vocab words from history and science.  Plus when we get into the Famous Men series, there are vocab words listed for each chapter.

….are excited to finish Astronomy.  We should already be finished but we’ve taken some time off here and there, especially during those snow days when we put off astronomy for nature.  However we are just a couple of weeks away.  I have pictures of the boys’ Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus drawings, but I’ll have to upload them next week with Pluto.
….love SOTW much better than MOH.  Go figure.  LOVE the AG and all those suggestions, ideas, and student pages.

Gabriel and Drake…..
…..have been playing and playing and playing.  I have had a hard time getting back to the letter of the week stuff.  We have been singing songs and playing games though.  Gabriel already knows the alphabet and most of the sounds.  He can sound out words, and even spell a few cvc words, thanks to Teacher Kaleb.  Because of that, I’m thinking of scrapping the letter of the week.  We can spend our time doing other fun activities and just work on letter sounds and the few letters that he doesn’t recognize right off.  I don’t know.  Still thinking.  Any ideas?

We all are very excited about tomorrow’s valentine skating party and the trip to Little Rock on Saturday!  We have some valentine boxes to make tonight!!  Fun weekend ahead!!

11 thoughts on “Week 25: Feb 15-19

  1. We love SOTW, too! I want to eventually end up doing TOG when the littles get older and I'm schooling all three, but I think even then, I'll use SOTW, too! 😉

    Hope you guys are having fun at the party! 😉


  2. I go back and forth between “teaching” Luke and just letting him play at school. I have started covering some worksheets in plastic and letting him use dry erase markers. He's learning how to write on his own now 😉

    Imo, as long as you start teaching them by first grade you'll be fine. And, like you posted, they pick up SO MUCH from their older siblings.

    It sounds like a good week, sorry to hear about WWE.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful week.

    Maybe with your youngest two you could start a number book instead? Memorize poems about clock, etc. My son was a memorizing machine at that age. And those ditties have come in handy time and again.


  4. Great week. My kids have always enjoyed teaching each other.

    For the littles, I second the memorizing. Maybe more stories, building, and messy art too. There is never too much of that.


  5. Sounds like a good week. I love to read when things are going well with school. Are you having fun with the letter of the week? If so keep it up, because at that age, it's more about creating fun memories attached to learning then about what you're learning. If it's not fun, ditch it for something fun!


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