Week 26: Feb 22-26

We really needed this to be another great week since co-op starts next week, and soon we’ll be back into golf and baseball.

*sigh*  Once again there are no pics.  I have several to share but can’t upload them right now.  One of these days I’m going to have a HUGE picture update!!  🙂

Unfortunately we did not get off to a good start on Monday.  It seemed the whole day was against all of us.  Drake went to bed on Sunday with a fever, and woke up lethargic and stuffy.  A truck at Daddy’s work backed into his truck.  Everything we tried to get started failed in one way or another.  *Just another manic Monday.*

We had lunch with an old friend on Tuesday at a favorite pizza place, and then we went to a fun play place with our homeschool group.  Its like a gigantic McD’s playland!!  So fun!!  It was our first time to go there, and the boys LOVED it!  Nathan is over the age limit so he hung out with the teens and had a good time.  Since we had two fun activities planned for the day, the boys agreed the night before to wake up earlier than usual to get school work completed.  Both older boys completed everything but science and history!!

Wednesday was our only full day home this week.  We caught up on science and history since we skipped both on Monday and Tuesday.  The whole day went smoothly.  I love days like that!!  It was pretty nice outside, even though a bit colder than I like, so the boys played in the yard for most of the afternoon.

Nathan had a doctors appointment Thursday mid-morning.  Again I woke the boys up earlier than usual so they could get an early start.  I was determined to make the most of this last *free* week!!  🙂  We took schoolwork in our backpacks to the doctor’s office for the *long* wait.  It actually wasn’t too bad of a wait.  Nathan finished his math and Kaleb got in a phonics lesson and one book.

We took most of the day off on Friday.  I stayed up late last night and didn’t feel well this morning.  Nathan is going to his Nana’s house for the night and Kaleb is going to his grandma’s house.  The two littles, Daddy, and I are hanging out tonight!!  My husband got me a spa day package for Valentines Day so tomorrow is my appointment!!  I am SO excited!!  lol  A little pampering/quiet/relaxing time for mom!

…..did lessons 102-106 and a test in Saxon math.
…..did not have great success with English this week.   He completed lessons 66 and 67.  We really need the time to sit together to cover each lesson and we just didn’t have that much this week.
…..is reading The Bronze Bow and the second book in the Percy Jackson series.
…..didn’t do any Wordly Wise this week.  I’m ready to put it away.  I’ve already started pulling vocab words from history and science.  I think I’ll have him start his own dictionary next week with those words.  That may be more fun and he will probably get more out of that than WW.

….completed lesson 82 in OPG.  I need to print some worksheets or find a game for the soft sounds of c and g.  Those kind of threw him for a loop.  He needs a bit more practice.
…..started The Cat in the Hat.  I am having trouble finding books for him to read that aren’t full of sight words.  I only teach very, very few sight words.  Most can be taught phonetically and that is how I prefer him to learn.
…..got in more writing practice this week.  It is NOT a favorite activity for him.  Actually I was shocked to find out he hates something about school!!  He did do a LOT of writing though.  I had him write OPG words and then numbers from math.  I also brought out an ABC dry erase board for practice.  I tried to change it up a bit and I probably overdid it.  This is why I need a writing curriculum for him. 🙂  Either I have him write too much or not near enough.
….did several Saxon math lessons.  He asked me on Wednesday if I could make math a little bit harder for him.  Seriously.  He doesn’t want to do more, but he does want more of a challenge.  I’m thinking of bringing out Saxon 2 and seeing how he does.  I just hate to miss something important in Saxon 1.  He is working on memorizing the math facts, already has doubles and ones down.  Maybe I can just work more with him on his math facts.  My other thought is to add fun workbook or something.  I have a fun subtraction workbook.  Maybe one on time and money?  He does pretty well with time already though and does ok with coin money.  Who knows….I know I don’t have a clue.  I AM going to print off some MM worksheets for him and see if he feels a bit more challenged. 
…is working hard still on his history fair project.  We read a few books on King Tut this week.  He dictated his narrations and thoughts to me and I’ll get those typed up for his board this weekend.  We printed off a bunch of pictures and just need to add some captions to those.  He is SO excited about history fair!!  I am too!!  Just over a week away!!

……completed lesson 13 in Apologia Astronomy!!  Just one more lesson to go!!  We’ll finish that up next week and start Botany the following week.  I think I am going to follow the suggested two days a week schedule in the notebook journal.  We have been doing science (and history) every day, but I think I’d like to cut that down.  That would put us finishing it up around the end of August/beginning of September which would be perfect.  Nathan could then start Apologia Gen Science and the little would start GtG (not sure how much science is in it yet though).   Kaleb also asked to do unit studies on dinosaurs and the human body.  I think following Nathan’s science schedule will make planning a bit easier.
…..completed Ch 17 in SOTW.  We didn’t do any of the activities in the AG because of all the other activities we did, but both boys enjoyed the chapter.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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