Wormy Week 1

One of Kaleb’s co-op classes is all about worms.  When I signed him up for the class, I was thinking how COOL it would be.  It is cool…..for the boys.  Its just kind of gross for me (you know, the one who has to remember to check on the little guys, cut up their food, make sure their newspaper stays moist, and dig around in the newspaper, dirt, food, and—I’m more than aware of the—poo).  Gotta love those worms!!  Oh and the teacher told us that if we keep them in the house with us, they will grow faster and most likely have BABIES before the end of co-op.  YAY! not…. (ok, that is a little exciting, but I’m having worm-filled nightmares already)

I just decided to pretend to be the cool mom who loves nothing more than digging around in a plastic shoe box storage full of…….fun. 

We are doing a photo journal because we don’t want to miss one tiny detail.  We’re actually starting on day two because I forgot about taking pictures on day one.

Anyway without further ado, please meet our new small friends, The Worms:

Day two-

Day four-

Can you tell the growth from day two and four?  That is pretty neat!!

We had a small food problem.  We’re apparently overfeeding.  There was some mold in the box today so I’m going to clean it out tomorrow and put in less food.  The crushed eggs is supposed to help with that though.  I may need to do some googling to find out more info.

Despite the fact that I think worms are icky, I think it will be a fun project!

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