Preschool Accountability

It seems like most days my poor little boys spend most of their time doing their own thing.  I try to get at least 3 or 4 crafts in a week, plus a few preschool activity games.  Still I’m not using even a fourth of what I have available for them.  There are so many cool things I want to do with my little boys but without some strict organization (like the workbox system), I have very poor follow-through.

I set up these up for the older two boys’ workboxes a while back.  I like them much better than the hanging file folder system (I’ve converted those folders and storage tubs into my own organized system, all of our ABC activities, seasonal activities, and misc stuff).  I didn’t get any of those storage drawers for the littles though.  I didn’t think I’d need them.  Well guess what…..I need the same accountability for my little ones that I need for my older boys (duh…) only on a much simpler level.  I have one set (one unit of three drawers) for Gabriel and will get one set for Drake this week.  Gabriel’s drawers are simply labeled phonics, math, and art/craft.  I plan on putting at least five activities in each drawer for the week (four during co-op), probably more phonics activities as we can easily do two or three things a day (puzzles, flashcards, games, coloring pages, etc).  Kaleb will of course do the same art or craft as Gabriel so that saves having to use one of his drawers for art/crafts.  Drake’s labels will be books, shapes and colors, and fine motor skills.  The these drawers will actually be for both Drake and Gabriel.  His drawers will have at least five days’ worth of activities and we’ll just pull one a day, except for the books drawer.  I’ll fill that one daily with several books that we will read throughout the day.  In all Gabriel will have six scheduled activities a day, Drake will have three, and Kaleb will have one extra (Gabriel’s art/craft drawer) than the six he already has.

As we empty the drawers through the week, I plan on putting the reusable materials in a separate storage tub so I know we work our way through all of our materials.  Its the only way I know to take advantage of the many resources I’ve acquired over the years. After we’ve used all of our resources, we’ll just start over.  I may keep favorites out to use more than once a week.  We’ll follow the same workbox system as the older boys do with the number grid.

With the same system as the older boys, I’m sure I can keep the little boys on track with their own *schoolwork*.   Now maybe I’ll be more consistent with Tot School and Preschool Corner blog updates too!!  🙂

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