Week 30: March 22-26

I have to say, not a whole lot going on here. I took care of my mom last week as she was sick and needed help.  Then on Saturday we took a quick overnight trip to Tulsa, OK to visit the Tulsa Aquarium and Bass Pro Shop.  Monday was a day of recuperation from the week before and our little trip.  We went to the zoo with friends on Tuesday.  Our little man turned TWO YEARS  OLD on Wednesday.  We had a nice family dinner with the grandparents.  His party is this Sunday afternoon.  I spent the majority of Thursday doing some spring cleaning.  I’m not finished but got a good start!  Co-op today was great as usual.

I have pictures from our trip and zoo day to post, but I gave the SD card to my friend on accident.  🙂  I’ll add those to the birthday pictures next week. 

I have been reading and reading about AO’s art and music appreciation.  I plan to add both to our homeschool starting with this year’s 3rd term.  Also I would like to add hymns and folksongs the list.  We will definitely start art and music though.

I have been suffering from seasonal allergies and have yet to find something (anything!!!) to help….Thus the very short and boring weekly report.

Happy weekend to you all!!

2 thoughts on “Week 30: March 22-26

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I think going on a fieldtrip and having a 2 yo birthday is doing a lot, especially when you aren't feeling well. I am interested in how you are going to incorporate the AO art and music study. I have always been so attracted to it, but for some reason I've never be able to work it into the groove we've gotten into for homeschooling. It just never sticks. It's frustrating. So maybe I can take clues from you!


  2. I'm so sorry you're feeling crummy! Allergies plague our family this time of year, too!

    I'm looking at starting art and music study next year. I'll me anxious to see what all you do and how it goes! 😉


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