Week 1: July 19-23

Starting a new school year!!  Nathan is in 7th grade, Kaleb is in 1st, Gabriel is a preschooler, and Drake is starting tot school! 🙂 

We’re starting off the new year slowly with just math, English for Nathan (Kaleb will start FLL a little bit later), phonics, GtG and history.  We’ll add the rest in a few weeks after our Not-Back-To-School day (which will be the first day of public school in our area.

We participated in our first Muffin Tin Monday this week.  Very fun!!  We look forward to many, many more MTMs! You can read about it *HERE*.

We went to a local library for a magic show with some cousins.  It was a lot of fun!!  The kids loved it…..well except Drake.  There were parts that scared him a little and he kept asking me to “doe side” (go outside).  I noticed most of the kids his age (2) were a little afraid at times…..like when the octopus was attacking the magician and the bird was spraying us with water! 🙂   Nathan and his 12 yr old cousin went straight to the computers when we got there (because they are just “TOO old for a magic show!!!”), but I noticed about half way through the hour that both of them were standing to the side, watching the show! Kaleb was the only one brave enough to get his picture taken with the magician!

We had some out of state cousins come for a visit on Friday so part of Wednesday and Thursday were spent cleaning and organizing the house a bit. 

Nathan had an all day basketball clinic on Friday.  The littles and I dropped him off before doing the weekly grocery shopping.  We picked Nathan up in time to rush to grandma’s for dinner with the cousins.  Then we brought a couple home with us to spend the night.  It was definitely a FUN night!!  🙂

Saxon Math 76 He is working through tests this week to see where he is in the book.  This week he did tests 1-3
I can now see how LITTLE Nathan accomplished this week.  He will do much better in week 2!

OPG lesson 108-110
ETC pages 58-64
GTG I truly had planned on starting this week but with all of the other activities, we kept pushing this aside until the week was finally over.  Next week for sure!!  The boys are really looking forward to it!

Read all about Gabriel’s first week of preschool *HERE*.

You can read about Draker’s Tot School *HERE*.

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