Preschool Corner: Week 2 Gabriel (4 yrs)

Gabriel is BEGGING me for more and more *real* schoolwork so here we go:

He shocked me with how well he can write….for the first time! He even held the pencil correctly!  He would pinch it and say “like this mom?”

We played some fun educational games.  Some with Kaleb and some with Drake.

We talked about math and then he wrote his numbers and traced shapes.

He did this puzzle mostly by himself.

Kaleb and Gabriel both working on a little math

We had a NOT back to school party with our homeschool group on Thursday.  We had a picninc in the park, the boys rode the train with Daddy, and then we all went swimming for a couple hours!

He is having so much fun! 

Can’t wait until we start morning time next week! 

You can read more about Nathan and Kaleb’s week *HERE* and Drake’s tot school week *HERE*.

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