Our *school room space*

I am SO excited that before this school year is over we will have a room completely dedicated to school!  We are going to start building our new house *hopefully* next month.  We are really looking forward to having lots of storage for our school supplies and a nice quiet place to learn.

In the meantime, we are using the dining area as school space.  It isn’t a big space and we still have to use the table for meals so I spent a good part of July getting every bit of school stuff organized and in its very own place. 

My totally awesome bookcase find from last year’s yard saling has made my life SO much easier…..even though I still need to finish painting it.  It’s actually more organized than this now too.  My current goal is to make sure whatever comes into my house has its own space……or it doesn’t get to stay!  This sits between the back wall and our dining table. 

Still the best thing in our homeschool…..workboxes.  I changed from the hanging file folder boxes to this storage over the summer.  I like this set up a lot better.  The 12 inch length allows all those notebooks to lie flat and not crease.  Each of the older two boys have 9 drawers which is all we can fit under the bar in front of the table.  When we get the new school room, they will have 12 each and I will start adding a few for the younger boys.
Our workbox grids.  The blue and red are Nathan’s and Kaleb’s grids.  I decided not to use Gabriel’s and Drake’s yet since we don’t have room for their workboxes.  Instead I printed up a simple daily chart for them.  Each day has four spaces for activities.  Basically the idea is to just make sure I do at least four educational activities with each little one every day.  They do more than this on any given day because they like to participate with the older boys but I needed this kind of OCD organization mostly to pacify myself. 
This is the front of our morning board.  I made a new one for this year.  Their grids and schedules fit perfectly on the outside.  This is mounted on the wall between the back wall window and our big closed storage.
The inside of our morning board.
The top of our closed storage.  All of the calendar stuff is in that green storage box, puzzles, fingerpaints, LF dvds….mostly stuff I don’t want the littles to reach! 🙂  I usually use the front for showcasing art projects.  You can see part of our morning board to the right.
I finally organized the inside…..and look at that room to spare!!!  {no worries…I’m sure I’ll have that filled up in no time!}  Top two shelves are for art and office supplies that we are currently using.  Bottom has a box of books for future use (deals I find on curricula). 
 This is above the washer and dryer (the w&d closet is in the dining area as well).  Photo boxes hold extra supplies.  I scored about 30 bottles of glue one day at Office Depot for NINE CENTS each!  Stamp set above that.  The file boxes used to be our workboxes.  Now I keep all kind of paperwork for school (mostly pre-school) in them….one has ABC/123 stuff; another has holiday activities, ideas and more; and honestly I can’t remember what is in the other two. lol  I really need to organize them better.  This is actually all above the dryer.  To the left, above the dryer are a TON of board games.
I realized as I started this post that I didn’t take a full picture of the area.  That would probably helped a lot in seeing where everything is.  Oh well….the next time I post homeschool room pics, you’ll get every single little detail.  {and hopefully that will be BEFORE Christmas….lol}
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4 thoughts on “Our *school room space*

  1. You've really utilized your space well. We have a learning center (converted bedroom). It's so small you can hardly turn around in it. I will have to try some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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