Galloping the Globe!!! Week 1

We started our GtG unit study this week!  Kaleb, Gabriel, and I are super excited!!  Kaleb has been wanting to do geography ever since last co-op when I taught a geography class that he didn’t take.  After seeing all the cool projects and yummy foods, he begged and begged to take geography!  Little did he know I was already planning for GtG!!  🙂

This is week one of Map Skills.

Christopher Columbus/Kensky
A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus/Adler
Hernando de Soto/Larkin
Sir Francis Drake/Larkin
Miss Rumphius/Cooney
Evan Moor Beginning Geography

This week we…..

…read Maps and Mapping by Taylor and Maps and Globes (I forgot to write down the author’s name).   We talked about the difference between a map and a globe, and then the difference between maps (political, physical, etc).

…drew maps of the neighborhood and our bedrooms.

….started the Evan Moor Beginning Geography workbook.

…read Christopher Columbus/Kensky, A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus/Adler, Hernando de Soto/Larkin, and Sir Francis Drake/Larkin.  Then we did some notebooking pages on the explorers.  (I’ll have to take pictures of those for next week!)

There is so much more I want to cover before we begin with our first continent.  We may stretch this part out over three weeks instead of two.

Next week we will do more pages from Beginning Geography before moving on to landforms and bodies of water.

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