She’s Lucky.

My husband found a little cutie pie near his shop this weekend.  The poor thing had been attacked by another animal.  She has two deep teeth *holes* in her back and one under her right back leg (you can kind of see the one under her leg in the picture).  To make matters worse, she was a mama who obviously hadn’t weaned her pups yet.  Nathan and I took her up and down our dirt road to our neighbors’ houses with no luck in finding her family.  Bo and I went through the woods, looking and listening for any puppies, with no luck. 

We decided we would just nurse her back to health and maybe her family would come looking for her.  We also made a sign to put out by the road in case her family came looking for her.  Kaleb has been especially concerned about her.  His dog was killed by another animal (we think the same one…possibly a neighbor’s very aggressive dog) just a couple of weeks ago.  He was concerned she would die too. 

While we already love her dearly, we still have hope that her family will come for her.  She has puppies out there somewhere who might still need her. 

However if we don’t find her family, we have all agreed to be her new family.  She is a sweetheart, understandable shy and very lovable.  She obviously was an inside dog and loves nothing more than cuddling up to Nathan or me.  The little boys scare her a bit so she usually tries to hide from them.  Hazel (our yorkie-poo was a little upset about having her in our home yesterday but seems to be ok with it now.  I know she misses the dog we lost so I’m hoping she finds a friend in this new dog.

Her temporary name (and possibly permanent name) is Lucky. 

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