Menu Plan Monday

If you know me, you know that I desperately need a plan….for everything…in my life.  Otherwise, I’ll probably forget and whatever it is won’t get done……or will get done but under great amounts of stress {and possible snarling and growling}.  If left to my own devices, I’m a seriously and tragically disorganized person.  Even sometimes when I get great plans in place, I forget about them.  {Scary that I homeschool my boys, huh?  No worries, they are thriving and learning….despite their crazy mama.}

I finally got a clue after a stressful year of non-planning that I really need to put some seriously energy into planning to plan, actual planning, and planning to use my plans.  I have been working hard all month to get our whole school year planned and printed.  I still have plenty of work to do, but as each subject gets planned and organized, my stress level just keeps getting lower and lower.

So does it make sense that my usual meal plan is to just fly by the seat of my pants?  Something that I could make SO much easier and less stressful for myself {and the fam who have to live in my chaos} by just PLANNING OUR MEALS.

I’ve been watching a friend faithfully plan her meals each week and every time I say “ok, let’s do this thing.”  But then the weekend gets away from me and I start the week in meal preparing chaos…again.

Well not anymore.  Here we go…week one.  Nothing fancy…..since I’m planning on the fly. 😉

Monday-{game night} Easy Peasy Good Old-Fashion Sloppy Joes, chips, and veggie tray.
Tuesday-Easy Italian Pasta Bake and a salad.
Wednesday-Pizza with Grandparents.
Thursday-Lime Chicken, steamed veggies, and brown rice.
Friday-Tacos/taco salad, beans, and rice.

Weekend-Since Kaleb’s birthday party is Saturday afternoon, we’ll probably just have simple sandwiches and chips for lunch, and Bo is in charge of Saturday dinner {I’m hoping he smokes a chicken!}.  Lunch on Sundays is usually sandwiches or hamburgers, and dinner is with our Life Group.

Also sometime this week, I’m making most of these foods for lunches, snacks, and breakfasts.  I’m making a double or triple of the pasta dish tomorrow….eat one, freeze one or two.  Our whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes have been a HUGE hit so I’ll probably make more of those next week.

Here’s to an AWESOME week of PLANNED meals!!

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