Summer planning and printing PROGRESS!

I am SO excited that I am getting EVERYTHING planned and printed for the new school year.  Here’s what I have so far:

Kaleb’s Math

The first 8 weeks of GtG and several chapters in SOTW.  Also I have printed lapbook/notebook materials for science section in GtG, as well as the Draw Write Now animal pages for each animal we’ll study.

The Famous Artist curriculum (so excited about this!), an 8 week character study, and the first half of Gabriel’s math.

I don’t know why this is sideways.  No matter what I did, it stayed this way.  These are the poems from FLL1 that Kaleb will memorize this year.

Not pictured {because I just realized I forgot to take a picture} are some number handwriting pages that I plan to laminate for Gabriel. 

I have so much more to print before I’m finished but I’m sure I’ll get it all done.  I’m taking the maths to be spiral-bound with a hard backing and a see-through hard cover.  Everything else will go into a binder or the hanging files in the 2nd picture.  I am almost finished with the book and materials lists.  Super excited about that!

Hopefully all of this summer organizing will help make our school year run a lot smoother AND we’ll actually get a lot more accomplished.  No more dropping art/crafts and all the other fun extras just because I don’t have time to find materials and print pages!!

Tomorrow….I’m finishing up Gabriel’s math, and working on history and GtG.

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