New chore charts.

I guess this post should be called {I hope this} Works-for-Me Wednesday as we haven’t actually put it into action yet. 🙂  I have high hopes though.
I decided it is time for new chore charts.  Our current system {which is unorganized and pretty painful} just isn’t working. 

I needed something easy, straightforward, and colorful.  I found one that I absolutely love but it just wasn’t going to work for us so I decided to make my own. 
I’m starting out super simple with Gabriel and Drake, but Drake is actually my little cleaning side-kick.  Gabriel, on the other hand, struggles to clean {but hey…sometimes I struggle to clean}.  We’ll add to theirs later.  These lists don’t include lawn care which is Nathan’s and my job every week, the school area which will be a group effort at the end of our school day {or craft time}, and a few other things that will be my responsibility.  Their charts will be laminated so they can check off the chores as they complete them.
Another thing I decided to make is a rainbow strip of to-do’s for each room.  These are the things that absolutely need to be done before they can mark the room off their list.  No more “I thought I was done” or “oops, forgot to do that.”  Each page will be laminated, and the rainbow strips cut and taped to the inside a cabinet door in the appropriate rooms.  The living room strip will be taped to the inside of the coat closet and the bedroom strips on the inside of the door.  They can check off the lists as they go if needed, and erase when they’re all done.
I’m going to implement some kind of reward system but I’m not sure how that looks yet.  I know I want a weekly reward {allowance} and then a long-term goal to help form good cleaning habits. 
Finally to simplify, I am going to put together cleaning buckets for all of the rooms with everything needed to clean that particular room in the bucket, including cleaning rags and gloves. 
Hopefully this system will make chore time more pleasant for all of us.

I don’t know why the pictures are so scattered and blurry.  Oh well, you get the idea anyway! :)

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