Look at what I made!

When I need some serious inspiration, I only have to log into my Pinterest account and {WHAM!} I’m off and running with projects!

I’m kind of surprised with myself.  Usually I see projects on different blogs and think “man, I’d like to make that for myself”….and that’s as far as it goes.  I lose the blog address or just never pull the materials together or completely forget all about the project.

Something about having those pictures all neatly *pinned* on my *boards* staring back at me that kicks me in gear.  I LOVE it. 

When I saw this address wreath, I knew I had to have my own.  It was the week before 4th of July, and I knew my 4th decor would be packed away soon….including my door wreath.  I went with green since my living room is green and it’s my favorite color.  I LOVE the bright lime color!  I forgot to pick up the wooden numbers for my address but I still hung that thing on my door!  I’ll finish it up when we get back from our trip.

Not all of these crafts come from Pinterest.  These I’ve had in the back of my head for a while and was inspired to get them done.  These are for our school area.  My original plan with the nut containers was just to scrub the stickers off and leave it clear.  I love clear containers.  BUT.  It took me FOREVER to do just two and there was still a filmy residue left from the glue.  THEN.  My oldest son {bless his heart} threw them away…thinking they were garbage.  Yeah so I went the easy route with the rest of my nut containers.  I got the Gerber containers from a friend since I don’t have a baby in the house anymore. 

I wasn’t sure what I would put in the three nut containers when I made them, but I quickly figured it out when I opened my art/craft storage.   1. pom storage….I have TONS that I got on clearance for 75% off and now they are all in one place.   2.  crayons…perfect.  3.  decorator scissors.  And now I have several other ideas for them so I need to make MORE!  The Gerber containers are for pencils and pens.  I’ll probably make a couple more for markers and paint brushes. 
I have a few more things I’m finishing up and a couple more that I guess I failed to photograph, and I’ve also pulled together supplies for several holiday kid crafts.  Each craft is in its own ziplock bag and in the appropriate weekly file in the arts/crafts container.  No more skipping fun crafts because I don’t have the necessary supplies or time to pull it all together!  I think I’m most excited about that.  After I finish more of these holiday crafts, I’ll post a blog with pictures.

Now that I’ve actually completed a few of these projects, I just want to do MORE! 🙂  Thankfully I’ve probably pinned more projects already than I’ll ever have time to complete!

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