My new tickler file.

Just typing that makes me giggle…..tickler file. 🙂

I had never heard of such a thing until I ran across Amy’s blog which I am LOVING by the way….an AWESOME blog!  As soon as I read her post about it, I knew this was exactly what I needed.  I’m already finding myself a bit overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork a new business brings in.  Between homeschooling, children’s ministry, and now a business along with the everyday demands of family life….I need all of the organizing help I can get.  I went THAT DAY and picked up the necessary supplies.

I totally agree with her suggestion to make it pretty and so I found the cutest file folders at Hobby Lobby.  AND they match an expandable file holder I received as a gift a few months ago. Bonus! 

Four packs of 12 gave me enough file folders for the 12 months, 31 days, 4 action files, and a few extra.  I also picked up the pretty wicker basket and a couple smaller matching baskets for my desk, one for my pens, pencils, etc and another for my note cards.  All 1/2 price!  I LOVE Hobby Lobby sales!

My action files are:

 File (I’m terrible about just setting down on my desk something that needs to be filed…and then losing it)
Copy (I always find things that I want/need to copy but don’t always have time at that moment…these also end up missing)
Read (magazine articles, blog posts, letters, etc that I’d love to read during my spare time but always forget about)
WW paperwork (various children’s ministry papers I would like to have in ONE place)

I’m excited about having a few extra file folders just in case I find I need another action file after getting started.  I’m following the same approach as Amy with the months and days folders.  I think this will totally help me stay organized.

I also love that my planner fits right behind the file folders.  No more piling books on top of my planner and forgetting to check it.  I will be reminded every morning when I check my file folder for the day.  I have just enough room in the front to put my to-do list notebook (another new 2012 idea and my January new habit) as well but I haven’t decided if that is the best place for it yet.

2012 is going to be my year for organization!  Between my to-do list notebook and my new tickler system, I’m already more organized than I was in 2011. I look forward to implementing a couple more organizational ideas in the  near future.  Next up is a system for our children’s ministry curriculum at church and another system for organizing school/art/craft supplies in the school closet.

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