Weekly Update: See? We’re getting back in the groove

Ahhh….three whole weeks of consistant schoolwork. 🙂  Feels good.  We still aren’t doing EVERYTHING in the planner EVERYDAY but it’s a little harder when we’re out of town.  Instead of art/craft projects, we’re exploring the little museums in the area.  I’m thinking about adding a little Arkansas history on the days we spend out of town since there is so many historical places in the area we’re staying.  It seems natural to explore more about what it right in front of us. 

This week’s biggest lesson has been in the heart than in the books.  Kaleb and Nathan saw (in the movie Remember the Titans) how painful segregation and discrimination can be.  Kaleb’s eyes were opened to something he never would have guessed even existed.  Then, of course, we have seen quite a bit more of this as we visit historical sites and museums in our southern state.  It literally brings him to tears to think about a person being treated so differently and poorly by others.an eye-opener for him to say the least.  To see pictures of it and hear stories has been   This just happen to coinside with our history lessons on the Romans and their treatment of Christians.  He decided this week to do his history fair report on the Little Rock Nine.  We’re definitely fitting in a visit to that museum.  As passionate as he has become about this issue, I can’t wait to see his end result.

We’ve also fit in math, grammar, vocab, and such with all three older boys this week.  For some reason, they are now working better and harder in our out-of-town apartment than our home. 🙂  I’m not opposed since I’d much rather be where their daddy is anyway. 

Add Legos…and suddenly everyone want to do math! 🙂

We spent a LOT of time playing with puppies.  We only have two more weeks before these guys are ready for new homes.  Thankfully one of them is going to the boys’ Nana so we’ll be able to play with him!

Nathan actually allowed a picture!! 🙂

We went to the St. Francis County Museum on Wednesday.  The museum is housed in a beautiful old home that belonged to Dr. J.O. Rush who actually had his doctor’s office inside the home during the 1920’s. 

The rooms in the 7000 square foot house were filled with the history of St. Francis County.  It was a very neat visit. 

Standing next to the old Forrest City radio station equipment.

Once again, we were reminded of the intense discrimination in our state.  We saw pictures of the *black school* and *white school* as well as a whole hallway dedicated Scott Bond, an African-American slave turned landowner, farmer, and businessman.  Although it was a rarity of that time, I was SO glad to have the boys see the story of this man!

Next time we come down we’re heading to the Lower White River Museum and the Little Rock Nine museum.

Another great week!  We’re doing better and better as this new semester moves along.  SO glad! 

I’m thinking about getting Apologia Who is God? book one.  Anyone use this?  Any thoughts?

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