Weekly Report: the week that flew by

We didn’t accomplish near as much as I had planned but at least we made some progress.  I spent a LOT of work time at the computer….many little things that I had been putting off during our two weeks in eastern AR.  Plus the usual weekly business reports/emails/printing/filing etc.

Monday was kind of a crazy day.  Bo and I went into town for the BIG ultrasound for all the measurements and such.  I’ve been looking forward to it for many reasons, mainly because I’m not growing as much as I did with the older four boys.  Of course Bo says everything is fine and I AM growing, but I just need a little more reassurance. 🙂  When we got there, we found out that our appointment was rescheduled for the following Monday. Disappointing…especially since I didn’t get a call or email letting me know but we had a few errands to run, and Bo and I enjoyed having a little together time. So now THIS COMING Monday is the big day. 🙂  The rest of my morning was spent getting some paperwork done, but we did get a little bit of schoolwork completed. 

Math time! Yes my boys need hair cuts and yes I was busy folding laundry as they worked. ha!

We started a new chore system so the boys and I spent some time going over that and then I spent a LOT of time helping them adjust to the first day.  It’s a change we’ve needed for quite some time and so far it’s been fairly successful.  We’re still working on making it a habit of course.

Tuesday and Wednesday kind of blurred together.  I know we did well both days but man…..did they fly!  I could have used a couple extra hours each day. 

Feeding frenzy! Puppies were introduced to dog food this week.  They 100% approve. 🙂  We are just a week away from them being old enough for new homes. Kind of sad and happy at the same time.  We would keep all of them if we could but I look forward to life returning to *normal*.

Part of my problem this week was that I stayed a day behind in my mind.  Yesterday afternoon, after spending a lot of time on the computer getting some paperwork done, I reminded myself that I had a meeting in town…on Thursday…the next evening.  I was a little more than shocked when the phone’s calendar alarm went off and I saw that the meeting actually was about to start…….in 15 minutes…..because it was in face already Thursday, not Wednesday like I believed.  I live 25 minutes away from the meeting place and I wasn’t even dressed for it. I threw on some decent clothes and ran out of the door.  I had to call my mom to come over and fix dinner for the boys since I hadn’t even gotten that far. 

The meeting was for spring co-op teacher planning.  It was the most successful planning meeting I’ve been to since joining our homeschool group.  We have so many awesome classes planned.  Hopefully we’ll fill in a few gaps within the next week and then the co-op committee will meet again at the end of the week to pull it all together.  I LOVE co-op planning!  I love being on the committee.  I love seeing classes develop and I love seeing the finished product.  I’m technically not teaching a class this semester since I’m due in May.  I decided to just offer one or two hours of game time….something that my assistant can easily take over if I go into labor early. 

Some mid-week love. Gabriel made this card for me.  iLu = I love you.  He and Drake did a lot of independent drawing and writing this week.  SO happy to see Gabriel willing to work on writing!

Today is a slow day.  We’re taking it easy.  I ordered Apologia’s Who is God? book earlier this week and hope it will get here with today’s mail. I can’t wait to dig into that book!  I’m excited about it!  I think the boys will love it. 

Nathan’s 14th birthday is tomorrow!!!  We’ll celebrating tonight with a birthday dinner, just us and the grandparents who can make it.  His party isn’t until next Saturday.  We like to celebrate a birthweek anyway.  It’s going to be a fun week!

We’ll probably be in eastern AR again next week.  Looking forward to a couple museum stops, some serious work on history fair projects, and hopefully a more settled week.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Report: the week that flew by

  1. Your son and I share a birthday! I'd love to be 14yo. LOL.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Notes from the children are the best! Looking forward to your ultrasound results. 🙂


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