Catching up! …a month in review.

Well my first (and last…so far) weekly plan post was over a month ago. Ha!  After three weeks of wellness in January {after two months of illness}, I managed to catch a cold again….and keep it all month. {the joys of a pregnancy-related suppressed immune system}  I did, however, managed to complete everything on my plan for that week and we’ve trucked along with school lessons.  Not at the pace I planned, but we did quite a bit considering how sick I was.  Thankfully I’ve been well for the last week and a half….and I hope I stay that way for a while!
I only ended up with two individual pictures of Gabriel but I promise all of my boys did schoolwork. 🙂  Gabriel discovered BOB books in February.  Actually I had forgotten all about them!  He has enjoyed all of them BUT the *girly* ones so we just skipped those. 😉

Gabriel is also really liking Math Mammoth! I’m excited because he previously wasn’t that interested.  He does well with math facts memorization but just didn’t like sitting long enough to do even one page of Mammoth.  Something clicked and now he’s doing much better.
We enjoyed a ONE day of snow this winter! We got about 3-4 inches and the boys took advantage! I liked that it only last one full day and melted completely before the end of day 2.

 On one of our trips to eastern AR, Daddy came home early from work one day…just in time to teach Gabriel’s phonics lesson. It was fun to watch them together. 
 We attended our homeschool group’s annual Valentines Skating Party on Vday.  The boys loved decorating cupcakes the afternoon before and REALLY enjoyed making their Valentine’s Day boxes.

 Of course we had to *sample* the cupcakes before offering them to our friends…..they were YUMMY!
Nathan’s box…..boom box style!
 Drake made this CUTE lion box…complete with a tail.  He had VERY little help from Mom.  I was SO tickled by his excitement while making it.

Kaleb’s duck-on-a-pond box….Dad inspired of course. 🙂
Gabriel just wanted a plain box to decorate….old school. I loved it!
After Kaleb won 1st place in his History Fair age division (pics at the link), we decided to celebrate at a really cool restaurant… a TRAIN CAR! The boys LOVED it! Nathan and I really, really loved the hamburgers. Good fun and fun!

March brings spring co-op, spring soccer for Nathan, and spring baseball for Kaleb and Gabriel.  Also we’re busy getting ready for baby boy #5 who doesn’t have a name yet. Ha!
We’re kicking into high gear with school work this month so we can get as much done as possible before the baby gets here.
We have a couple cool field trips coming up this month…one tomorrow to a local greenhouse and then next week we’re going to the Memphis Children’s Museum with a homeschool group in eastern AR.
A fun, full month ahead!  Looking forward to it!

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