A place for everything: Gift Wrapping Supplies.

Two things before I get to the point of this post:

1. I am posting this from my PHONE! Ha! I love it. I originally downloaded the Blogger app to read my subscriptions but that didn’t work out so well. I found a better *app for that* and them forgot to delete the Blogger app. Guess what….it’s becoming a pretty handy app now! I have so little time at the desktop now with the baby. You know…all the rocking, feeding, diaper changing, cuddling, and playing. When I do have free time, it’s usually just enough time to check a few things off the must do list and then back to baby time. Trust me, I’m not complaining. 🙂 I’d rather rock Joshua than do just about anything else anyway. Now I can blog AND rock!!

2. I am experiencing serious baby brain drain. I’m pretty sure I have forgotten way more than I have remembered over the past few months. It’s terrible!! If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t get done. You’re about to see evidence of this insane forgetfulness below.

So someone pinned this cool picture onto Pinterest. (yes I used my phone for this pic! lol)

I loved it but forgot about it probably two seconds after I repinned it. A couple months later, I’m cruising the isles at Walmart, trying to remember what I needed when I saw this.

I could NOT remember what I wanted it for but I could at least remember I needed it. I grabbed it and took it home…where it sat in the kitchen floor behind the garage door for a couple of weeks…lonely and forgotten.

Finally two weeks ago I got it out and attempted to remember what it’s purpose was to be in my home.

No, it didn’t fit on the inside of the sink cabinets.

No, I didn’t get it to fill that wasted space in the school closet.

I didn’t need it above the washer and dryer.

Not in the master bath.

Not in the hall bath.

Surely I didn’t get it to hang on a bedroom door.

Ok well forget it. I decided I was out of my mind when I bought it and would take it back on my next trip to town. So it sat once again on my kitchen floor behind the garage door.
Today, as I remembered it again, it hit me. GIFT WRAPPING STATION!! {duh!}

So here it is in all it’s glory.

 I didn’t have room to use one of the shelves for its intended purpose so I turned it upside down as a *cap* for the rolls of wrapping paper. Also I then realized sheets of tissue paper will fit nicely in between the spaces and help hold up the wrapping paper!

Now time to search for the rest of my gifting wrapping supplies. Somewhere in this house are more gift bags (I totally save bags from birthdays and other special occasions to reuse….bags are expensive!!!), ribbons, wrapping paper, and tissue paper. I put *search for gift wrapping supplies* at the bottom of my must do list so surely I will get to it by fall. 😉

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