Week 2: Allowing for Life to Happen

It was an interesting one anyway. Ha!  you know the old saying “when it rains, it pours?” THAT sums up our week.  Almost made that the title of this blog post but I’m looking for the silver lining in this week instead….or trying to anyway.

Between the baby with an ear infection and pneumonia, another child with fever and a cough, another child with a cough, Mom with a fever and cold, and other unexpectedness….we didn’t accomplish much school-wise.

We did what we could and spent a lot of time resting. The three middles had plenty of outside time and Wii playing time.  The baby and I stayed in bed…a LOT. He wanted to be held and I was more than happy to oblige.

This is probably one of the best perks of homeschooling…allowing for life to happen.  We didn’t have to be anywhere. We didn’t have to get dressed.  We didn’t have to do anything but take the time we needed to recooperate.

We could stay in bed and in our pjs all day if we wanted…and we did at least one day and a good part of two others.  We could order pizza one night for dinner, and then have leftovers for the next day’s breakfast and lunch….just because the boys thought it was fun and I didn’t feel well enough to actually fix anything.  We could make a Sonic run just to perk us up a little. We could stay up late and watch movies in bed.

And I’m SO thankful, especially this week, for that and more.

We did manage some math. On Monday we put our first entry into our math journals…Odd and even numbers. It was a fun refresher for Kaleb, and an easy lesson for Gabriel. We played some games on the whiteboard and then they made their journal entries.

Kaleb’s entry.
Gabriel didn’t quite finish his.

Kaleb is working hard on borrowing from hundreds this week. He isn’t a fan of math right now! However next week will bring back some joy with measurements and all of the fun activities we have planned to go with it. Then the following week brings back something that is quickly becoming a favorite of his—multiplication! He did well this week, hanging in there through some rough spots.

Other than shouting out math facts, Gabriel has NO interest in math. Ha! I think he likes to challenge me to find ways of making math more enjoyable for him. We’re deep into fact families this week and next.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found a couple fact family crafts that I had planned on doing this week.  We’ll start off next week with those and see if I can interest him into getting through this chapter with a little fun.

Scripture Adventures and Apologia Who is God? continue to be HUGE hits!  I’ve had the boys either color from the Who is God? coloring book or draw a picture to go along with our SA lesson, and I am amazed at their retainage. Even Drake memorized Isaiah 45:19 with us!

In SA, the objective was to draw a picture that shows God’s power in His creation.

Kaleb’s Garden of Eden. He mentioned the consequences of listening to the serpent.  He would also like to point out the blue duck on his sign. 🙂

Gabriel chose showing God’s power in creating light. He said the brown is a mess up so please excuse, and that is God next to the words.

We managed to read a chapter in history, complete several Explode the Code pages (Gabriel and Drake) and a lesson in Wordly Wise (Kaleb), and practice little handwriting. 

And that concludes the WHOLE week of education. Trying not to be frustrated since we had SO much unexpected happen this week. 

We have some out of state family in for the weekend. We plan on spending time with them and getting plenty of rest so we can start fresh on Tuesday.  We are also looking forward to having Daddy home for the three day weekend.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!!

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