Today kind of stunk….or maybe it didn’t.

Couldn’t get anything going in the right direction today.

One problem after another.

Cranky baby.  Cranky mom.

Running here, running there.

Some groceries forgotten in the car. In the garage. In the heat.

Just worn out.

Ready to put this day to bed.

Then a little blonde-headed boy says “Mom, we haven’t prayed tonight, you know.”

Ok. Let’s pray. YOU pray.

“Thanks for all you’ve given us, all we have. Thank you for this day. Thank you for not letting my mom forget to sign me up for football because I love it.”

So simple. So sweet.
I giggled. He giggled.
Hugs, kisses, goodnights, and I love yous passed all around.
Makes me think today wasn’t so bad.
Made some fun memories in between the problems.
Spent the day together. 

Ate together.  Played together. Sang songs together.

Spent time outside on a beautiful day.
Watched them love on their baby brother.
Watched them play together with nothing but pinecones.
Little simple things that mean more than the problems of the day.

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