Week 4 report: the lazy week

Week 4 was L-A-Z-Y!  I think partly because we had a HUGE change in our schedule….three football practices times two….SIX practices! With the hubs being out of town, these crazy busy weeks can wear.me.out.  I choose it though for my boys, and we always seem to make it through the season with a little sanity left. 😉
Monday was great. We didn’t get everything done but it was probably our best day this week.
  • The boys are SO in love with singing that weekday song like the Adams Family song. Everyday we must sing our days of the week. 🙂  I love it too though! And bright side: they aaaallll know the days of the week….even if they do have to sing it to remember sometimes.
  • Did some faith journaling. Can you guess what these are? The Tower of Babel. The lower left pic shows the tower paperclipped at the bottom of the page so they can *build* the tower as they retell the story.  Behind the tower on the paper is a fun morse code activity that we did. 1st picture is Kaleb’s, then Drake, and last but not least Gabriel. The 4th pic is Kaleb’s.

Tuesday was non-productive.  We did manage to have a FUN lunch!  Unfortunately that’s about it. Allergies and football practice (on freshly mowed grass) is making life difficult right now. Kaleb squeezed in some math and we read some. The end. Ha!
Tuna fish sandwiches, mini open-face cheese and almond butter sandwiches, salad, raisins, and nectarine.
Joshua is having a terrible time with seasonal allergies right now. 😦
This little tiny cut scared us!!  Gabriel was using my scissors when they slipped and the tip when right into his hand. You could SEE the vessel that he cut…after I got the bleeding to stop. I’ve never seen SO much blood! Scared Gabriel when it happened…he said he knew something was wrong when it started pouring blood. Scared me when he came to get me and I saw it SPRAYING out! Still gives me chills to think about it. Thankfully we got it to stop and the swelling actually pushed the cut together. Too small for stitches though.
Gabriel still wanted to go to football practice so we bandaged it up. Thankfully it only bled a little during practice but not through the gauze and tape.
Wednesday was even worse.  We did NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING.  Things quickly went down hill after breakfast. Attitudes were terrible (including mine). There were arguments. There were tears.  I declared it a school-free day, and we all went back to bed for a little bit. We all had hard time all day.  As soon as the teen got home from school, I left him in charge to run an errand with the baby (and get away from the house to get ahold of my own attitude…with a little chocolate help).  Came home with a much better attitude. Cleaned the house. Fix dinner. Put the kids to bed an hour early. And then watched a chick flick. 🙂
We regained ground on Thursday.  Maybe everyone just needed some extra rest.  Two of my middles woke up early. One got into my bed, noticed the baby was also wake (but one his way back to sleep as was I), and began talking to him which of course fully woke him up. 🙂  It was ok though because I was pretty well rested and ready to begin the day anyway.
  • Jumped right into a fun craft after breakfast to hopefully keep the early morning cheery-ness going. (it worked!) We’re FINALLY working on our paper mache Earth.
  • Ran into town to grab some groceries.
  • Had to run by the jr high to drop off a pair of forgotten basketball shoes for the teen.
  • Got home and hit the books!  Finally had a good day of school!! Whew!
  • Drake enjoyed some preschool activity bags.
Co-op starts today so not much work will be accomplished at home but a LOT of fun learning with friends this afternoon!!  Hopefully I’ll have some of those pictures next time!
I’ll leave you with my favorite pic of the week. 🙂
It’s that time of year! Kaleb went duck hunting with Daddy and a friend on Saturday. Can you tell how he felt about it? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week 4 report: the lazy week

  1. You are busy! I have had so many days like your Wednesday where I just can't get traction! But your week looks great and your little hunter is a handsome, happy guy!


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