Week 5 Report: the one where Daddy hung around.

Week 5 was a short one…but for a GREAT reason. Daddy stayed home Monday AND Tuesday!  We knew he would be here on Monday but he surprised us by not leaving Tuesday morning!!
He hunted Monday morning. The boys and I had just started our morning time when Daddy called and said he needed some help so I dropped everyone off at Grandma’s and spent the rest of the morning helping him.  We got home in time to get a little bit of work done before football practice.
Gabriel is the little guy 2nd from the left with the light blue shirt.
Tuesday was spent hanging out with Daddy.  When he’s home, we take advantage!  Then we all went to Kaleb’s first football game.  They lost but Kaleb had a lot of fun!
I LOVE candy corn SO much…it’s a fall weakness. I had been waiting to try the candy corn Oreos so we made a quick
trip to Target and snagged some. Between the Oreos and candy corn M&M’s,
I’ve learned an important lesson: If I want candy corn, I should just buy candy corn. Ha!
Daddy left Tuesday night so we got up early Wednesday to have plenty of time to make up some work missed on Tuesday.  No pictures…just a lot of good hard work. 🙂
  • Kaleb is diving into multiplication. He’s done a little in the past but NOW we’re really getting into it. We have some fun games waiting for us this next week.
  • Gabriel and I are enjoying math a lot more now that I’m helping him with some of the writing. He’s moving along at a much better pace and we aren’t fighting over it anymore.
  • Drake loves loves loves the preschool activity bags! I’m excited to find a few new ones to put together for him.
Thursday was a little more fun.
  • We did get a lot of work done but we also worked on our paper mache Earth. We’ll be ready to paint it this next week.
  • We also did a fun seasons craft from Elemental Science. I’m frustrated with science right now because weeks ago I purchased the book with all of the experiments from a lady who hasn’t yet mailed the book.  So we have been waiting and slowly working on science since we started school.  I had planned to be so much further ahead and really enjoying our new science program. If we don’t get the book by the middle of this next week, I’m buying another one. We just can’t keep waiting on it! I suppose if she ever does mail it, I can just resale it. So back to the seasons book. We did ours a little different than suggested. We brainstormed some reminders or clues for each season on the whiteboard. Then the boys made a seaons book out of construction paper.  On each season’s page, they glue a picture cut from a magazine that reminded them of that particular season. Then I asked Kaleb and Gabriel to write two things from our brainstorming session on each season’s page. It was a fun little project.
  • I recorded each child saying the memory verse.  They did very well and we are ready to move on to the next verse!
  • Had a fun lunch. Kind of late in the week but at least it wasn’t left out!


Friday morning was spent house and car cleaning. Then we met up with our homeschool friends for co-op. 

  • Drake went to all three of his classes with NO fuss!!!  I was amazed! 
  • Boys had a great time of course and so did I. 
  • They got their yearbook pictures taken. I’m hoping they are good ones so I can order *school pictures*.
  • A sweet, sweet girl hung out with me during our 3rd hour so she could help me with the baby. She did such an awesome job! Sweet little mama. She loved on him, fed him, held him, played with him….and gave my arms a much needed rest. I love it. She loved it. And Joshua loved it.

One of my faves from the week. Joshua LOVES being outdoors…even if his allergies bother him. He is so sweet and peaceful when we are outside.  He’s sweet and peaceful when we’re inside too most of the time but the outdoors are special to him I guess. Like father, like son. 🙂

Little Man hanging out at a football practice.

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