Week 7: the one that actually included science.

Seven weeks in the books…wow! Time is FLYING!

This was a special week because DADDY WAS HOME!!!!  He had a little bit of work to do and of course he snuck in some humting, but was otherwise the perfect distraction….so it was kind of a light week. 🙂

This was also a super FUN week, filled with science. 


  • All three boys did a fabulous job reciting last week’s verse, and we started on a new one–Mark 12:30-31.
  • Read about Joseph, his brothers, and his coat of many colors in Scripture Adventures, and added a picture to their faith journals.

Kaleb’s page.


    •  We read about the rain cycle, watched an online animation, and worked together to label the water cycle on the whiteboard. Then the boys drew their own version in their science journals.

      Gabriel’s page.


Drake’s page. I did some of the drawing for him and then he colored it.

Kaleb’s page. sorry it’s turned sideways.
  • A little phonics, vocab, grammar, and math finished out the school day.
  • Gabriel had football practice.


  • Heard Gabriel singing “…He will never, never, never let the righteous fall…” to himself while doing math. 🙂 Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Seeds Family Worship?
  • In SA, we talked more about Joseph…from his time as a slave to his jail time when he interpreted the butcher and baker’s dreams.
  • Answered the question “Does God sin?” in Who is God? 
  • Kaleb tackled compound subjects and predicates, and happily diagrammed a few sentences in R&S English.
  • Daddy came home from hunting and went for a run.  Then I went for a midday run and Daddy helped Gabriel finish up ETC and do a OPG lesson while Kaleb finished up English. {getting a little spoiled}
  • Covered time of the Great Canal and the “Golden Age” of China.
  • Kaleb had a football game. 


  • I know we did a full day of school but can’t for the life of me remember what we did.  Apparently I didn’y take any pictures either. Ha!


  • Spent the afternoon at an insect festival.  The boys had SO much fun!!

    See the little sign right below Gabriel’s hand where he’s touching the cotton plant? It’s says “Do not touch the cotton.” *sigh*

  • Gabriel had a football game.


  • No co-op today!!  The church secretary is getting married tomorrow so her family and friends decorated the church today. SO excited for her!!!
  • Kaleb and Gabriel were in the homecoming parade. 🙂 They were SUPER excited!

Science Sunday

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