School Catch Up Post

It’s been weeks… MONTHS since my last school update! To be honest, there just hasn’t been that much to report. 🙂  Daddy was home with us five out of eight weeks so we didn’t get a whole lot of school work done. BUT that’s ok because taking time off when we WANT is the beauty of homeschooling!! 

We did accomplish a little each week. I tried to sit down at least two days a week for a couple hours and get some math, phonics, vocab, and English done. We played some educational games, went on a couple field trips, and finished up co-op.  We enjoyed some fun times with Daddy, many of Nathan’s basketball games, late movie nights, and Thanksgiving with out of town family.

Quick run-down of our last two months:

Field trip to a pizza restaurant. FUN! The kiddos learned ha little pizza trivia, saw how the restaraunt makes pizzas, played with some dough, and made their very own pizza. They were even taught how to *toss* the pizza dough…old school!

Co-op was super fun this year as usual. No pictures…as usual.

Finished up football and both boys had their after season parties.

Jr high basketball is in full swing. My favorite sport of all time!! I’ve enjoyed going to games.

Fun park playdates with friend.

Cloud and sky jello treat while learning about weather (which we still have to finish).


LOVE this silly picture!!Joshua was a little confused by my flash but I love how he looks terrified by his crazy brothers!

 Surprise field trip to Snoopy the Musical. They enjoyed it and so did I!


Halloween Trunk or Treat at our church. Drake who has never been old school trick or treating begged and begged so we swung by a couple neighborhoods on our way home….it was probably their favorite time in October!

See? We did a little school work!!

And we played in mountains of leaves, hung out with out of state family over Thanksgiving, had s’mores over the fire pit, and put up Christmas decorations.


I’m ready to get back on track with full days and weeks of school. Since we don’t have out of town family coming in for Christmas, we’ll just take a couple days off and get back at it. Daddy will be in full swing at work so we won’t have him distracting us. 😉

I’ve planned some fun Christmas actvities that I’m sharing later, and Buddy the Elf visiting this month. Can’t wait to post about his activities around our house!

Hope you all have had a great October and November!!  Happy December!!

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