Back to life, back to reality.

After a busy fun holiday season, I am ready to get back on our usual schedule. I LOVE the holidays but we need a set routine to keep sane around here. So before we dive back into our normally scheduled program, here’s a look at some of our holiday fun, in no particular order:

Christmas Eve pjs!
Christmas program put on by our church at the local FAC. It was awesome! We had a great time!
Celebrating Nana’s birthday…fiesta style!
My sweet baby girl, Hazel, all prettied up and ready to party!
Fun Christmas activities…they especially like this edible one.
Making Christmas cookies!
A baby’s FIRST Christmas!
Elf Fun. 
Gingerbread houses!
Nathan was home with us all day, every day for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

a LOT of hot cocoa!
More cookie/pretzel fun!

Gingerbread truffles…made family style!

New Year’s Eve card games.

A fun run for Mom and Dad!
Christmas Cookie Decorating party complete with crafts, popcorn, hot cocoa, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. We had over 40 kids at our house!!! It was awesome!
Celebrating it all with my love!
New Year’s Day trip to the ER…and five stitches!


We had a lot of holiday fun…minus the ER trip. Made many memories. Enjoyed each other’s company. And tried to slow down…at least a little bit. 🙂

We’re working at getting back to normal this week.  The teen is back in public school. The hubs is back to work. The littles and I are back to homeschool. I am working on decluttering the house. My New Year’s resolutions are to get rid of the excess and only allow positive words come from my mouth. Both are proving to be a challenge but I’m loving the results so far!

Business as usual at our house…..until SPRING BREAK!!!

Happy holidays!

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