Weekly Update: the one without a number.

After a few weeks off from school and a few partial weeks with a few kind of weeks and a few blah weeks, I’ve lost count on what week we are in right now. Ha! I can’t even tell you how many DAYS we’ve been in school since we haven’t been using our counter on a regular basis. How about we just call this week 1 of 2013 and not worry about it? Thankfully we aren’t required to keep up with the number of days or weeks of our homeschool year in our state so really….it doesn’t matter. 🙂

It’s been a doozy of a week! I knew it would be after the long and ridiculously fun Christmas break. I didn’t plan to take so much time off from school at the first of the school year, but quickly realized that the littles weren’t going to get much done with Daddy AND the teen at home all day!

So we got off to a rough start. Monday morning was so bad that we had to restart our day. Around 10am, I sent the kids back to bed, climbed into bed myself, and then *re-woke* everyone. We smiled and hugged and greeted the day with a little more enthusiasm the second time around.  The rest of our day went much smoother. We enjoyed an extra long reading time in history and did most of our schoolwork on the living room couch.

After such a bad start to the week, I was determined to do better on Tuesday. We got off to a great start. Accomplished a lot of school work on the couch again. Joshua, Drake, and Hazel (our dog) fell alseep on me while I read from our history book so our morning quickly turned into a time of rest. Drake and the baby weren’t feeling all that great anyway, and Kaleb and Gabriel had fun playing on the computer while the rest slept.  When the sleepers woke, we went into town for a quick lunch. A super nice gentlemen who talked to my boys at the restaurant surprised us when we went to pay for our lunch. He beat us to the bill!!  How sweet was that?! I was flabbergasted to say the least. A very nice surprise! We did a little bit more schoolwork when we got home and then just enjoyed the rest of the day by watching a couple movies.

The hubs called on Wednesday to tell me he was coming home…..as soon as the dizziness stopped. He had a raging fever overnight and woke up with the flu. 😦 After tying up a few loose ends, he headed home. Drake and Joshua also woke up sick with the flu so school was cancelled and I took care of the sicklies all day.

Thursday and Friday were filled with Daddy and Drake sleeping off their flu fever, Kaleb and Gabriel playing and then resting for long periods before jumping back up to play some more, and me holding a sick baby.

By Saturday, all fevers were gone and everyone was on their way to good health. Daddy and Gabriel still have a little cough but otherwise are doing much better. Nathan and I never did get sick…so thankful for that since Daddy could barely move.

No pictures. My hands were too busy taking care of my loves….and I’m sure nobody wanted their picture taken anyway. 🙂

We’ll begin schoolwork again on Monday (today) and hopefully have a much more productive week minus any illnesses. 🙂

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