Week in Review Feb 4-8

LOVED this week!!!

We had to cram, cram, cram everything we could into the morning hours since we had plans after lunch.

  • We started a quick study on volcanoes in science by watching a Bill Nye video on YouTube. We looked at some pictures on Google, and used google to answer several questions.
  • Math, WW, OPG, handwriting, SOTW, ETC, FLL, and bible studies were all done as well before lunch. Whew!
  • Drake is asking for more and more school work. He is working in ETC and doing some fun abc worksheets as well as a numbers workbook that I picked up from the dollar store. We’ll start some OPG work soon.
Working on ETC worksheets

He LOVES cutting practice!

  • We got ready for Nathan’s first district basketball tourney game. The boys AND girls both won the first round!!


  • Started the day with ES since it went so well on Monday. We read from the Usborne Encyclopedia of Our World about volcanoes. We’ll do the volcano experiment at the end of the week with Dad. We journaled in our science notebooks before moving on to mountains.  We read about mountains from the same book. We caused different kinds of snow avalanches, looked some animals who live in the mountains, and watched a video about the different types of mountains…all thanks to the Internet quick links in the Usborne book. 
Gabriel’s science journal page

Kaleb’s Science journal page.
Kaleb’s (2nd) Science journal page about volcanoes.
Drake’s science journal page
  • Read about Caleb and Joshua in our bible studies. The boys thought it was cool that we have our own Kaleb and Joshua. 🙂
  • Flew through math. Addition practice for Gabriel and time review for Kaleb.
  • WW, OPG, handwriting, SOTW, ETC, and FLL followed nicely.
  • After lunch, we did the first lesson in Writing With Ease. Very excited about this program! I’m starting both boys on Level 1. I told Kaleb if he did well for a few weeks, we could bump him up to Level 2. Kaleb and Gabriel enjoyed the first day!
  • Completed our school day before 2:30!!
Sometimes….Hazel feels left out and needs some school-time love.

Sorry about the red eyes. 🙂 He actually liked the writing activity in WWE. I’m shocked but happy!

Everyone working so nicely and quietly…two days in a row! Very soon I’m going to post about that green hanging file folder at the bottom middle of the page. It’s a part of our new organizational system that replaces the workbox system. LOVE the workbox system but it just wasn’t working well with my middles…maybe we’ll try again in a couple years.


  • Heard in our homeschool today:
    • “Thank you, abacus. I love you.”
    • “Mom, what’s 1000 x 1000?” One million, son. “Wow. Great job, Mom. I didn’t even know the answer to that one!”
    • “I want to make my 4 the way I like making it but I have to make it the way you tell me to. Even though I don’t want to, I’m going to because you said.”
  • A very quick let’s-get-it-done kind of day. Math, bible study, history, English, ETC, OPG, and handwriting all done…all boring. Ha!
  • We skipped science since we spent so much time on it the two previous days.
  • Re-started Galloping the Globe. This is our last try with this curriculum. If it doesn’t work, we’ll be looking for something else for geography. We googled the Great Wall of China and cities in China as well as Chinese farm life. Then we went on YouTube and found a couple good videos with some quick lessons in Chinese. {Look to the right of the YouTube page for more videos by the same group.} Found China on the globe which was easy since we’re studying China in SOTW right now and have been doing map work all week.  We won’t spend two weeks on China in GtG since we’ve covered China in the past. Moving on to South Korea next week.
  • Quick trip to town for a park play date before rushing home to grab the teen and head back to town for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.
  • No pictures even. It was THAT kind of day! 🙂 


  • GtG-made this a priority in the morning to see if we can establish a good routine. Made  Chinese lanterns, started our Chinese dragons, and colored some coloring sheets as well as tackled another YouTube lesson and watched a quick video on the Chinese dragon dance.
painting their dragons. Finished product next week!

Chinese lanterns

  • We drew ducks from Draw Write Now when we talked about animals from China.


Drake–the blue circles above his duck are raindrops. 🙂

  • Talked bout Balaam’s talking donkey in Scripture Adventures. The boys LOVED that story!
  • Learned about Marco Polo in history. They couldn’t believe that his own family didn’t recognize him after so many years in China.
  • The rest of the day was pretty lazy. We did get some math done and a few other things.  Adding three numbers had Gabriel totally wigged out until he realized how easy it was! 🙂
  • I didn’t sleep well the night before so we took it easy.  We’ve had such a great week so far and accomplished SO much.
  • These boys who wouldn’t color anything with crayons to save their lives have turned out about 15 pages each in history, bible study, and GtG this week. Not sure what caused the change but it makes for an easier story time when their hands are busy!
  • Highlight of the day: co-op class enrollment! They are EXCITED!! Now we wait for co-op classes to begin in March…
    • Kaleb is taking a class on plants, a class on horses, and a MythBusters class.
    • Gabriel is taking a hands-on science class, a class on plants, and a MythBusters class.
    • Drake is taking a sign language class, a story + art class, and a playdoh fun class. 🙂 


  • Taking it easy today. Working on the three R’s first and then we’ll see how much we get done after that. Daddy is home so if we only get the three R’s done, I’ll be happy with that.
  • Picking up the public school child this afternoon and heading out for a fun family evening!!

Hope you have a great week as well. Happy weekend!!

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