Weekly Report Feb 25-Mar 1

We didn’t get a lot of school work done this week. It happens! I am thankful for the past few full weeks of schoolwork. We’ll get caught up next week and be back on track.

We actually did these plague doctor masks the week before but I never got around to blogging about the week. They still wanted me to share. 🙂

Monday morning’s field trip was the highlight of the week. We went to see a high school performance of Peter Pan! My boys have seen a couple plays and musicals before but none of those held their attention like Peter Pan. It was fantastic! We stayed afterward for a talk back and pictures. It was pretty hard to get the boys settled down after that so the rest of our Monday was pretty low key. We managed to do our group work but that’s about it. 🙂

Gabriel and Drake wanted a picture with Peter Pan. 🙂

We had several errands to run on Tuesday that took a LOT longer than I had planned. The boys’ favorite part of the day was our trip to the post office. I had several packages to mail, and the postman let the boys take turns stamping them. Then he gave them each a *priority* sticker. It was an unexpected experience from an incredibly sweet man. 🙂 After our errands, we read about the Hundred Year’s War and completed map work. The boys couldn’t believe that a baby became king!! We finished our bible study on Joshua. Of course their favorite story was when God made the sun stand still (this is Dad’s favorite story too). We moved on to math before ending our day a little early.

Start them early! Just kidding. Who doesn’t like brightly colored movable beads?

We babysat my youngest grandson on Wednesday. The boys LOVE getting to play with their nieces and nephews. They are the sweetest uncles!! So thankful for their willingness to entertain their nephew since Joshua wasn’t feeling well. We still completed a good amount of work. Read about Joan of Arc in history. Talked about how one becomes a saint. Completed most of our group work and a good amount of individual work. Of course the best part of the day was hanging out with their nephew!!

Math on the go? I don’t know but Gabriel did ALL of his work with NO complaining…so I’m not going to complain either!

Babysat the grandson on Thursday too but we still managed to play catch up on our history, geography, and science projects. Daddy SURPRISED us all by coming home a day early!!! He brought some freshly picked daffodils for me. 🙂  Also did all of our individual work AND even got a day ahead on most of it.

Building a volcano. Unfortunately it was broken before we could use so we’ll make another next week.

Joshua started getting sick Thursday night so we cancelled school on Friday. I hope not having school on Friday isn’t going to become a habit but we needed to devote our time to the baby. Pretty sure he has the Rotavirus. Bleh. This is something we take very seriously in our home. One of our boys was hospitalized for almost a week and another spent the night in the ER on a separate occasion for IV fluids because of this virus. We’ve been keeping a close eye on this baby boy.

Hoping everyone is well by the start of next week. We have several projects that we were suppose to do on Friday that we need to finish up. We only have a couple more weeks before co-op starts!! We’re excited about that but I had really hoped to get more work done before then.

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