My NEW super awesome desk chair!!

So this summer Bo and I worked on creating a new desk space for me. I LOVE it and will have to share pics of it soon.  First, however, I am super excited to share my yard sale find!
I needed a new bar height chair for my desk. I had been using a bar stool without a back. Not very comfy!!
I found this beauty at a yard sale for…….$1. Yep, a whole buck. I had to ask what was wrong with it, and she just said it was a little unstable.
So I tightened the screws in the legs. Ha!
Seriously that was it!! 
I broke a piece of it when I got it home. :-/  But easily fixed it with some gorilla glue.
Picked up some 1/2 price HOT PINK mistinted paint at the store along with a can of glittery sealer. I already had the fabric at home.

It took a couple of coats and forever to dry, thanks to the humidity. You can’t really tell in the picture but it was pouring rain that evening. I finally had to put the chair in the garage just so it would dry. I gave it an extra coat once it dried and then two coats of glitter sealer.
The glitter is more of a fine powdery look. Not overpowering but not as glittery as I hoped. 

Please excuse my messy garage. We’re in the middle of moving everything out to convert it into a family room.
My finished chair! Isn’t she pretty?! I love her!! 
Total cost: $15 after supplies but I still have a TON of hot pink paint left, a little bit of fabric for a couple of frames, and glitter sealer.  The cheapest (and I mean cheeeeeeep) brand new bar height chair with a back I found was $38….and it was an ugly brown/black color.  Makes me love her even more!!


In my world of BOYS, I need some girly every now and then. 🙂 

Can’t wait to show off my new girly office space!!

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