Week 1: 2013-2014 school year

As usual, the first week back was CrAzY!!!  We had a lot of fun though and it felt great to get back to at least a bit of our routine.


Of course, Monday was our Not-Back-to-School party day. We started the morning with some fun school photos.


And the boys opened their gift bags. Since we don’t have the expense of public school needs, I like to get them a few fun things to kick off the year. Helps make the day feel special.


Then we went to McDs for our annual Not-Back-to-School breakfast. 


Monday means women’s bible study meeting….which is held in the party room of a fun building packed full of those blow up bouncy slides and mazes. The littles LOVE going there! BONUS Not-Back-to-School fun!!!!


After bible study, we ran home for a quick lunch before heading out to a local bowling alley for our homeschool group’s Not-Back-to-School party!!!



Nathan, my 10th grader who came back home this year after a year in public school, met up with all of his old homeschool friends and had a blast catching up, talking basketball, making new friends, and {of course} bowling.  However, he avoided my camera like the plague.

Came home exhausted but managed to get everyone seated for a little math.


Our 1st official day was Tuesday.  Reminded myself {over and over} that it’s going to take more than one day {Week. Month?} to get back into a good solid routine.  We were big ole lazies this summer….and the boys would like to continue that trend.
It’s just going to take some time and patience and chocolate and Jesus….but we’ll get there.
After a morning of trying really hard, we took a break to meet Daddy for lunch. 🙂
We did better Wednesday morning, and packed in as much as we could before taking off for the 1sts student council meeting of the school year. This is Nathan’s 1st year to participate….and he was excited!!! Elections were held and Nathan is the new student council chaplain!! 🙂
Decided to take it easy on Thursday….and don’t you know, we accomplished more than I had planned. 



Drake is READY to learn to read. We’re working on some letter review and sounds right now. He can’t wait to read his first word!


Friday is our grocery shopping day, and Nathan has plans with friends. Not much being done in the way of school work but I consider getting anything besides the grocery shopping accomplished a bonus.  Feels wonderful to have the first {crazy) week behind us. Looking forward to a more settled, less crazy week 2 {hopefully}.

Here’s to an awesome and blessed 2013-2014 school year!!


2 thoughts on “Week 1: 2013-2014 school year

  1. Looks like a good first week! I agree, I think it takes a month to finally get into the swing of things! 😉 Lots of chocolate and Jesus needed here, too! =)
    Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap Up.


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