Hi y’all!

It’s been a loooong while since I’ve posted! Over a half year.  YIKES!!

Things didn’t go so well for us this past school year. We’re still working on things that should have been finished late April/early May! To say I’ve been overwhelmed is an understatement.

I burned plum out somewhere around Christmas and never recovered. It wasn’t one big thing in particular but a collection of many small things…that ran over me like a colony of ants attacking an unfinished apple on a picnic blanket.

I  never recovered but I kept plugging away, not trying to play catch up…just trying to not fall farther and farther behind. Fun stuff was neglected. The kindergartener’s schoolwork was neglected. The laundry and housework were neglected. *sigh*

Around January or February, I jokingly told the ladies in our women’s bible study group that I would be happy if we just finished this school year the day before next school year. *sigh* Oh how close that joke is to becoming truth…

On top of that, I’ve stayed on the injured list in one form or another pretty much since the week after I finished my first half marathon. Very little running (which is my stress release).

We did have some fun moments! I promise! It wasn’t all dark and dreary. We had plenty of bright and shiny moments.  Co-op classes, games, sports, play dates, field trips.

Christmas parties!!


His first year!
Kindergarten Graduation!!!
New Driver!!!
a LOT of baseball! Three teams this year!!!

And a lot of other fun stuff. The school year wasn’t a total bummer.


I’m looking forward to a much more productive and fun 2014-15 school year…..if we can ever get out of this one! Ha!

I am super excited about the encouragement and support I will surely get this week as I join a few of my homeschool mama friends on a trip to the Dallas Teach Them Diligently convention.  YAY!!!! 
Can’t wait to sit and listen to speakers like Hal and Melanie Young from Raising Real Men, Brooke from MOB Society, Amy Robers from Raising Arrows, and so many more!

Three days of just soaking up some love and encouragement and inspiration….with some of my fave mamas. My heart needs this SO much!! Even my boys are excited for me. 🙂

I hope to come back fired up, ready to knock out the remainder of this school year, and start planning next school year.

And I hope to keep up a little more with this blog!  I like the accountability it brings….who knows who all reads this. Eeek! I need to bring my A game and actually accomplish something, lest all two of you think I’m a major slacker. I like having weekly notes of what we’ve done. It’s encouraging to look back and see how far we’ve come in our school year…and nice to revisit fun memories.  And I feel more creative. When I blog, I tend to read others’ blogs and find inspiration.

We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I can get back into the blogging habit.

…..I’m kind of a major slacker though. 😉

Happy Summer!!!

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