I ordered some cool books on ancient Egypt yesterday evening from HS Library Builder.

Most of the books I ordered have a little craft kit included. The boys will LOVE it!!

I LOVE history, but never got a chance to study ancient history when I was in school. I am so looking forward to next school year!!

Curriculum notes for next year.

I’m thinking about changing from Seton’s history to Story of the World. I like the Catholic perspective found in Seton’s history books, but it just doesn’t cover enough for my liking. We have been working this year in early America and will end somewhere in the early 1900’s. Then next year we’ll start with the Ancients. After reading some reviews on SOTW, I really think my boys will like it. I can also supplement with Seton’s version, I suppose, to continue the Catholic influence.

I’m also considering Spanish instead of Latin for foriegn language. I know Latin is the language of choice amoung classical homeschoolers, but I have experience with the Spanish language so I think it would be easier for me to teach. I haven’t decided completely on this yet, though. My oldest is totally not interested in either. All of my boys are interested in sign language after a co-op class this past fall so we’ll continue to learn a little more for fun.

We will be switching to Saxon for math. I do not like Rod and Staff’s math curriculum at all.

I think we’ll stick with Seton for reading, English, and my oldest’s phonics.

We will not stay with Rod and Staff science. To be honest, we haven’t even opened the book since the first month or so when we found out it doesn’t fit us. I’m thinking Apologia for next year.

I LOVE, LOVE Wordly Wise and will continue with it. I use the words in each week’s lesson as spelling words so we won’t be needing additional material for that. Once I realized we could use WW for spelling, I put the Seton spelling book away.

That’s all for now. If, by chance,someone who reads this has some of these in good condition to sell at a good price, let me know!! I’m all for a good bargain!!

Phonics and my almost five year old.

We have been sloooooooowly working with the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons workbook……and he does not like it. He stomachs it, I think, because I’ve told him this is how he will be able to read books by himself, something he really wants to do.

I decided we might as well try something else because we can =) and I want him to LOVE learning, not just get stuck doing it as a means to an end.

I’ve been reading reviews and doing my own research for a couple weeks now. I think we’re going with Explode the Code. It seems fun and engaging. I think he’ll enjoy it. We will start with the first set Ready, Set, Go to see how he does there, although I think he may be passed at least the first book already.

I found a used TM online for only $4 and I’m price shopping the set right now. I haven’t checked out our local Christian book store that carries homeschool supplies yet, but it looks like Ebay is the best way to go so far.

We will continue with 100 Lessons until we get the ETC books…hopefully soon!!